golden rules & light discussion

It’s Monday! So let’s pretend it’s not and talk about the weekend instead.DSC02975I have no French connection (other than loving French Connection); so naturally, I was the perfect fit for a seat at the French Embassy’s annual Fête de la Musique on Saturday. DSC02980Sun, music, champagne, and good friends? Sounds good to me. Thanks for the invite, Milad and Alanna!DSC02976In an attempt to make the weekend last even longer, here’s some pizza we ate at Fireworks… 2013-06-23And that’s all I’ve got. So let’s regretfully yet beautifully move on to Monday, which actually isn’t so bad after all. Look at that sun!IMG_0650It did result in some major sweat, but I guess that’s what summer’s about.IMG_0653

I have no idea what I thought about during this morning’s run nor do I have any spectacular notes from the sunny six miles.

So let’s head to this recent article on Runner’s World: The 25 golden rules of running. Although I think all of the notes are pretty solid (with doubts about #11, #19, and #24), I find that the ones I discuss most often are #9 and #2. A lot of times people ask me how far or how fast to run, especially if they’re training for a new distance. I’ve always held on to the popular beliefs that 1) you shouldn’t increase your mileage by more than 10% per week and 2) a good indicator of a maintainable long run pace is the ability to hold a light conversation.

And on that note, feel free to start some light convo below. Have a good one!

  • What do you think about when you run?
  • What country do your ancestors hail from?
  • Random but: Married people: did you hire a florist or do your own arrangements for your wedding? I am so torn!

Of interest:



  1. My mom did the flowers for our wedding. They were kinda random, but I liked them!! They were actually from family and friends’ gardens — whatever happened to be in bloom!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    We are hiring someone. I used to work in a flower shop and we would have panicked brides come in every weekend freaking out about something they tried to do. I would def recommend at least meeting with florists to see some options and playing around with flowers yourself to see what you’re comfortable with.

  3. I think about everything and nothing when I run. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I daydream about a trip I’m about to take or a race I’ve entered. Other times I mull over work or study. And sometimes my mind is just blankk.

    My ancestry:
    Paternal side – escaped France during the French Revolution to live in Holland and remained there.
    Maternal side – A Dutch great-great grandfather and Chinese great-great grandmother created a Chinese great-grandmother. At some point, they ended up in Indonesia so my Chinese great-grandmother ended up with an Indonesian man and gave birth to my Indonesian grandmother. Then, in a twist of fate, my Indonesian grandmother married a Dutch solder who became my grandfather and my family ended up back in Holland where my Dutch-born mother met my Dutch-born father and gave birth to me – a Dutch-born man who has lived in Australia since 3yo.

    Sorry, can’t help with the florist information because I’m not married.

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