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Technically, yesterday was the longest, sunniest day of summer here in the northern hemisphere. But the day after is looking pretty bright, too.
DSC02973I think the trick (for me, at least) to not hating yoga is to do it outside. Luckily my apartment has a lovely rooftop designed for doing just so.DSC02970Other than the hum of A/C units and the roar of Friday morning dump trucks, it was actually quiet peaceful. I did this “Hips, Hearts, and Hamstrings” video from and was pretty happy with my virtual experience.

As every post I’ve written in the past 1.5 years would suggest, running is my favorite activity; but I do like to change it up with other sweaty activities sometimes. So the other day when I  Off Road Cycling  invited me to their studio (on behalf of Active Life DC), I was like… duh. Yes.

P1010393I signed up for the Sunday “Sufferfest” class, which was a two-hour torture session that really worked the legs. And the heart. And the mind. To be honest I usually don’t like spinning classes very much. But this one was actually very awesome. Engaging, fun, and not cult-like. Great music and a full-screen video to keep the class going!P1010389Everyone was so welcoming and the instructor was kind enough to take a sweat-tastic photo with me. Now that shows some real passion.P1010392You can read a full recap of the class here!

And because it’s FRIDAY, here are a dozen donuts. Gosh I have a difficult day job.IMG_0619-001Yes, that is bacon you see there on the left.

Have a great weekend!

  • What’s the most important feature of a yoga class, to you?
  • Would you ever want to live in one of those countries where there’s 6 months of sunlight and then 6 months of darkness?
  • What’s the ONE thing you’re looking forward to the most this weekend?

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  1. you are my hero because if someone invited me to an event called “Suffer-fest” i would run the other way screaming my head off. your rooftop is awesome!

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    The most important feature of a yoga class for me is sweating, which is why I love love love hot yoga. No, I would never ever live in a place with 6 months darkness and 6 months sunshine. I want 12 months of sunshine. My goal as a young 20-something year old in DC is to find a way to move to such a place. And for this weekend, I’m excited for the beautiful weather and having a picnic in the park with friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have never taken a group fitness class of any kind, but I do yoga often at home on my back deck with the mat. I’m really looking forward to going to the beach this afternoon with my son and grabbing an ice cream after 🙂

  4. Runner Girl Eats

    I am not a donut fan but as a fan of anything with bacon, I need to try that donut! I can’t wait to spend all weekend outside 🙂

  5. I haven’t taken a yoga class, but I would want the instructor to be really nice and welcoming
    I would not want to live anywhere when there is that much darkness; I need my sunshine!
    I am looking forward to running 5 miles tomorrow 🙂

  6. When I did yoga I liked the relaxation at end of class best.
    Nope – I couldn’t stand living somewhere that has 6 months of darkness. Our days here in Brisbane are pretty much the same length all year round. In winter our days are 6:00am – 5:30pm at their shortest. In summer our days are 4:30am – 6:30pm at their longest. It’s pretty nice.
    This weekend the thing I’m most looking forward to is my hiking trip. I just have to pack (I hate packing), eat breakfast and I can go 🙂

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