friends, flames, and frosties

The internet is full of pretty things, but nothing beats the great outdoors in my opinion.DSC02965You have permission to stop reading this post and get outside NOW. It’s beautiful!

But in case you’re still here, let’s talk about running. I made it out with the fantastic Anne again! After such a fun jog the other day we decided to have a reunion run.DSC02963

We kept a slow, steady pace over about four miles — heavy on the chitchat, light on the legs. I will name it a social recovery run. Which is just what I needed after two tough workouts!

No really, it is exactly what I needed. Check out this article on the “real” reasons recovery runs are essential during training. According to Active, the point of recovery runs isn’t to release built-up lactic acid (a popular belief), but rather to build fitness by strengthening new muscle fibers. Since your body is already fatigued (from your previous hard run) when you begin a recovery run, you build off the fitness established from your previous workout.

The author puts it as such: “[recovery] running is sort of like a flash flood that forces you to alter your normal morning commute route. The detour seems a setback at first, but in searching for an alternative way to reach the office, you might find a faster way–or at least a way that’s faster under conditions that negatively affect your normal route.”

Speaking of office commutes, Anthony and I took a detour en route home last night… and ended up at Ragtime in Court House.P1010449

Question. If your water glass is larger than your beer glass, that means the water cancels out the beer, right?

P1010450Extremely large water cups are just one of the things Anthony and I are very impressed with. Another impressive thing: the food.

Question 2. Why aren’t all fries made into the shape of waffles? The mechanics are perfect vessels for ketchup transportation.P1010455The reason for the large waters, I think, is because of the buffalo chicken. Upon first bite, a small flame pit forms in your mouth. By the end of the meal your whole body is basically on fire. In a good way.P1010454And if you can’t cool down with the water, you can just order more beer.P1010453And if you still can’t cool down, you can eat a Frosty. You guys. Anthony had his FIRST FROSTY EVER yesterday! But somehow was less excited about it than I was.P1010458I don’t know how he keeps his cool. Have a beautiful day!

  • Frosty: vanilla or chocolate?
  • How often do you run a recovery run? What pace/distance does it look like?
  • What’s your favorite flower?

Of interest:

Ragtime on Urbanspoon:

Ragtime on Urbanspoon



  1. You are just gorgeous! I agree with the water/beer glass comparison. Its common sense. 🙂 I’ll take a chocolate frosty over vanilla, any day. I guess 99% of my runs can be considered “recovery runs” (i.e. – not pushing too hard) haha. Glad you’re having nice weather up there in DC! Unfortunately, it has rained here everyday for the past 5 days…

  2. I run at least 2 recovery runs each week. One after my long run and when after my tempo run. They are usually short – 3 to 4 miles and about 1-2 minutes slower than my tempo run and the same pace as my long run. Chocolate frosty all the way! Fave flower I think would be lillies.

  3. Runner Girl Eats

    I have gotten out of the habit of recovery runs. When my shins heal up I want to start doing one a week again. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. We are having them all over our March wedding 🙂

  4. I have been doing ALL recovery runs throughout pregnancy and looking forward to increased intensity after : )
    Chocolate frosty’s all the way with a spoonful of peanut butter added in!

  5. You look beautiful in that picture!! I love seeing you so close to where I work, I can’t wait for you to move out here and I can start running again! I will totally make you run with me and tell me I am not the slowest runner in the world and that it is just because of my knee… I used to do 2 recovery runs a week, they were normally 3ish miles at around 9!

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