100 years & 4 striders

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but this is my favorite tree in the whole city. What, you don’t have a favorite tree? You should get one.IMG_0617It’s located in Rose Park by M St. NW. Check it out as soon as you can — but then again, I’m sure it will be around for another 100+ years so there’s no rush really.

No rush on the first seven miles of my run, either. Just cruising through dear Rock Creek Park.IMG_0614But THEN it was time to rush. Today I did my first official strider workout. Four quick dashes in Kalorama Park:IMG_0618(Don’t worry, I didn’t wake up the guy passed out on the bench.)

Strider workouts. My coach has put them on my training plan to help me improve my form, increase my stride, and ultimately make me faster. And he put them at the end of my run so I can practice maintaining good form while fatigued. Considering I walked/limped/crawled to the finish line of my last marathon, I think that learning to stay strong at the end of my runs will definitely help me in the future!

For a quick tutorial on how to do a strider workout, here’s some tips from Runner’s World. You basically run at 70-80% max speed (not quite a sprint, but definitely fast) for 100 meters or 30-40 seconds.

Remember when we discussed fancy restaurants yesterday? Well, Anthony and I actually went to one over the weekend.
DSC02957We checked out Grand Cru Wine Bar & Bistro in Ballston and were pretty jazzed about our fine dining experience. Per the restaurant’s title, we had to order lots of wine. My favorite was the Sauvignon blanc… so buttery!DSC02956Speaking of butter, I’m pretty sure it was a main ingredient of both of our entrées. Can’t complain about that. A filet of beef with garlic potatoes and a savory, warm, bleu cheese-filled muffin:DSC02960-001Sautéed Hawaiian butter-fish with spring vegetables:DSC02961-001Though we love cooking, it was really nice to go out and have someone serve up wonderful food for us. Fine dining al fresco on a nice summer evening? This is what life is about.

Go treat yourself.

  • Do you incorporate strider workouts into your run? How often and at what point in the run?
  • If you had unlimited $$$$, would you go out for really delicious fancy food or really delicious hole-in-the-wall food?
  • Favorite tree or favorite type of tree?

Of interest:

Grand Cru Wine Bar & Bistro on UrbanSpoon:Grand Cru Wine Bar & Bistro on Urbanspoon



  1. I can see why that would be your favorite tree, it is quite a lovely tree. I’ve never done a strider workout, but occasionally push myself a little harder at the end of a run. I’d choose really delicious fancy food because even without unlimited dollars I can have really delicious hole-in-the-wall food. I love willow trees and big huge oak trees. Lots of character.

  2. Looks like a nice park for strides! And that fish sounds divine! I don’t eat meat anymore but occassionally eat seafood if it sounds really tasty, like that fish!
    My favourite trees are huge weeping willows! Or, of course, any palm tree!

  3. Amy

    Trees are pretty scarce here in the barren desert, so any tree is my favorite! I do like oak tree lined streets though, so maybe oak trees are my favorite? And I’m a sucker for food too, fancy, hole in the wall, or otherwise. I think we do something similar to strikers but with maybe a less formal plan.

  4. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    My favorite type of tree (without sounding depressing) is a weeping willow. They are beautiful. If I had unlimited $$$ I would eat at cheap – moderate places all the time. I rarely eat out and would just be so excited to be out of my apartment…. but still too cheap to splurge. Plus, I don’t think I’m classy enough for fancy establishments.

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