out ran

Remember that crew I was going to catch up with on Wednesday, but missed? I found them!

DSC02940Roam Fitness invited me to join them for an OutRun excursion, and though I missed it Wednesday, I made it on Saturday. It was awesome.

Roam Fitness is a new club in town that offers a mix of “functional training and outdoor adventure.” They offer indoor and outdoor classes that cover weight lifting, interval training, cardio, and yoga.DSC02937I met them at their Glover Park gym for a bit of foam rolling and chit chat…DSC02938And then, we were off for a 90-minute adventure through some serious Northwest trails!DSC02942Every half mile or so we would stop and do strength/interval work like burpees, pushups, lunges, dips, and more. Our instructor Chris even brought some stretchy bands to boost the burn. The short strength sessions were tough but definitely doable — it was the hilly trail running that challenged me more.

The instructor was really upbeat, the other runners were enthusiastic and friendly, and the whole vibe was just very welcoming. In a way, the community-like feel reminded me of the “bond” people rave about in CrossFit — but without the competition that sometimes accompanies group workouts.DSC02945At the end of the five-mile run/workout we were pretty beat. I had wood chips and dirt and grass all over my sweaty, sunburned body, but didn’t really care. Because I was having so much fun!

I think exploration and obstacles make people come together. Our group started the run together and ended each exercise together which also added to the motivating, team-like feel of the outing. DSC02949This was one of the most unique and best group/class workouts I’ve experienced in DC. I can’t say enough good things about it! If you like running, like diversity, like meeting new people, and like the outdoors, it is RIGHT up your alley! Plus it’s super cheap. Check out their rates — if you sign up for OutRun classes only, it’s only $22 a month! That is a steal of a deal.

Though OutRun was awesome, it still didn’t out run me. I ended up covering some ground before and after the class for a total of 11-12 sunny miles. Perfect way to start my Saturday!DSC02936Apart from fun runs, I’ve had some really fun non-run experiences this weekend too. What are your thoughts on canned beer vs. bottled beer vs. tap? Personally, I drink it all.P1010424Consumed with the best company: internet friends! Our little world wide web club: me, Troy of Active Life DC, and Ellen of District Sweats.P1010425It’s cool communicating virtually, but nothing beats a good ole face-to-face hangout. Thanks guys!

Um, also, Anthony and I took a step back 20 years in time. I know a lot of cool stuff happened in the 80s and 90s, but nothing was as cool as this: New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, and 98°. TOGETHER.P1010427New Kids on the Block actually had some really good recent songs — but of course, their old classics got the loudest screams from the audience, which was mostly 35-year-old women.P1010433This weekend has definitely had the right stuff. I hope yours has too!

  • Favorite 80s/90s band?
  • Do you usually run solo or with a group?
  • Canned, bottled, or tapped beer?


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