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IMG_0599Actually, this wasn’t my usual track visit. Though I do love journeying to Petworth for the always exciting track workout, today I ventured to Virginia’s Washington & Lee High School track instead.

My workout — as prescribed by my coach — was simple: two miles, as fast as you can. I mean, it looks simple. But it actually feels like a long, slow, complicated death.IMG_0600I clocked in the first mile at 6:51 and the second at…. 7:05. Whoops. Not amazing sprints, people… but hey, it’s six (long, vacation-filled and sleeping-saturated) weeks post-marathon. I’m definitely not in as good of shape as I was pre-race, but I’m totally okay with that. Considering that I’ve gotten injured from overtraining after my past two marathons, I’m actually quite happy to just be running at a moderate pace with legs that function properly right now. And I have lots of room to improve over the summer!

Have you ever run in glasses? Since my buggy eye infection is still raging, I’m not allowed to put my contacts in. I don’t mind looking nerdy, but I do mind having sweaty plastic slide down my nose for 45 minutes.

Also I should have picked a  more scenic background for this selfie. But anyways.IMG_0596I ran to the track in these slippery, stylish, and completely un-sporty frames and then got so fed up with them that I took them off and ran my sprints… completely blind. Now that was interesting.

Also interesting: Last night I attended a blogger/writer/book-signing event hosted by Kaneisha Grayson, who just published the book Be Your Own Boyfriend.P1010413I haven’t read Kaneisha’s book (though I might — it seems very entertaining although not typical content I’d pick!), but was more interested in going to the event to learn more about her career as a blogger, writer, and self-publisher.P1010414After she did a live reading of a chapter (titled “Stop interpreting his texts and move on,” ha!), she answered questions. Discussion ranged from how to know that you’ve found “The One” to how to pitch a book idea to a publisher. Very entertaining and educational at the same time. Now I just need to raise $12,000 and finish that novel I started writing…

  • When was the best shape you were ever in?
  • Have you ever wanted or attempted to write a book?
  • Do you wear contacts/glasses? How do you run in glasses?

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  1. Cute glasses! They look great on you! The best running shape I was ever in was 3 years ago. But the healthiest I’ve ever been is now (although I wish I was running like I was 3 years ago!). I’ve entertained the thought of writing a book, because there are just some things that happen in life that you just cannot make up, but seem so unbelievable! I recently had a post of me in my new spectacles… Been wearing them for 14-15 years now, but I’ve worn contacts for 12 years (wow!) and cannot fathom how uncomfortable it would be to run in glasses…but I guess you gotta do when you gotta do with an eye infection! (Which I hope is getting better for you.)

  2. I have always been weirdly jealous of people with glasses. I was the dork in elementary school who punched out the lenses of her sunglasses to make it seem like I had real glasses….
    The best shape I’ve been was this past spring between the Rock N’ Roll USA 1/2 and the Nike Women’s 1/2. It didn’t last long… injury from over training. 😦 Good luck with your eye!

    • thanks! yes injury is never fun right? but it’s part of life. the best way to cope IMO is a hulu+ subscription. then at least you are mentally fit right? that’s what 20+ hours of trash tv does to you, right?

  3. The best shape I was ever in was the Fall of 2006-Spring of 2007–I was running for a small college. But since then I’ve had 3 babies so it hasn’t been conducive for being in amazing shape, but I’m getting there slowly.

    I really, really want to write a book. I just need to pick a topic :). AND I recently found out that my friend’s sister is starting her own publishing company SO I would have connections 🙂

    I am super blind without glasses/contacts. And several years ago I had an eye infection and couldn’t wear my contacts and I thought I was going to go crazy wearing my glasses to run. I could see preferring to run blind than in glasses. I suppose the tighter they fit, the better it would be? My glasses now seem like they would be better than my old ones, but I’ve never tried them out. I just don’t like the feeling that my clear vision is bouncing.

  4. I love Washington Lee! Great track! My very first race (March 12) was the Reston 10 miler and it was a few days before I was getting LASIK. I had to wear glasses for 2 weeks prior to surgery so I ran in glasses, THEY ARE SO ANNOYING. It was freezing out but I was obviously hot so my glasses were fogging up big time. Also pre LASIK I probably wore my glasses for a total of an hour a year. So wearing them at all was weird for me and so was racing / running. Made for a weird race for sure. Nice splits!

      • Honestly my mom offered to pay for it because I would sleep in my contacts for months at a time and she thought my eye balls would fall out, I don’t think I would have dropped the dough myself!

  5. I hate running with glasses. It’s the worst. I run blind instead. I actually just got contacts, but I don’t really like wearing them for long periods of time. And I never feel like putting them in just to run. Pippa is my seeing-eye dog!!! I would love to write a book. Haha. I used to write a lot when I was a kid. Lengthy manuscripts.

  6. I run in glasses, but I can’t run in my regular glasses due to the slipping/sliding you mentioned. I actually got prescription running glasses! They are made by Wiley X, a company that makes glasses for the military and for other active applications. They are nonslip and very comfortable. They look completely geeky, but I don’t care. I got the Transitions lenses so they also turn into sunglasses, which is wonderful on those sunny days. It was a big expense, but I use them 4 or 5 times a week, plus I use them when I’m working in the yard since they protect my eyes better than my regular glasses and provide sun protection. I used to wear contacts back in the day, but can’t anymore, so this has been a great solution for me.

  7. I only run with my glasses when I’m reeeally tired and it’s ungodly early. They slipped around a lot, but then I got them tightened and now they hold in place surprisingly well!
    Hm best shape.. I guess it depends on the distance. This spring for marathon, last fall for half..

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