big secrets

You can’t get everything right on the first try, you know. Which is what I’m repeating to myself this morning, since I got lost on my way to meet with a new running group. The good thing about mistakes is that sometimes they can lead you in another exciting direction, though. Since I was out, alone, and with nowhere to go this morning I decided to change my route and wander down the infamous Klingle Road.

In some ways, this strangely abandoned road in the middle of DC looks more isolated and overgrown than ever:DSC02925But in other ways, I can see the community has made efforts to take advantage of its natural beauty. This new trail, for example:DSC02921A creek is overtaking the cracked and craggy pavement.DSC02927I felt like I was the only person in the world. Sounds were just water and my footfalls.

The only person, but definitely not the only creature! Can you spot my little friend?DSC02930Yes, he is crawling on a metal chain. Technically, nobody should be on Klingle road, but the locked gate has a gap juuuuuuust big enough for you to slip through.

DSC02931Shhhh — don’t tell anyone that I ran there. This adventure is a big secret.

Oh wait, I have ANOTHER secret! Cold, creamy, sweet deliciousness — on a stick — for just $2.50. In Adams Morgan. Say what.P1010409Last night Catherine introduced me to Pleasant Pops, a hip new spot on Florida and 18th St. NW that took over the old Rita’s Italian Ice. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rita’s, but I have to say Pleasant Pops has a lot more style. P1010408And flavor! They make all their pops from locally sourced fruits, herbs, and dairy. I got the pineapple basil pop — what a refreshing end to the day.

Still not as sweet as hanging out with my #1 friend though.

P1010410It’s good to explore your hood. Go try something new!

  • Popsicles, ice cream, sorbet, or milkshakes?
  • What’s the last new thing you tried?
  • If you’re willing to share — how much does your gym membership cost and what city do you live in?

Of interest:

Pleasant Pops on UrbanSpoon:

<a href=””><img alt=”Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market &amp; Cafe on Urbanspoon” src=”; style=”border:none;padding:0px;width:104px;height:15px” /></a>



  1. I love the new sparkling ICE drinks and that they are fortified with vitamins & antioxidants. I just tried a new flavor today – coconut pineapple. So yummy. I feel like I’m drinking a pina colada @ work. Have you tried them? They are zero calories, but they don’t have any aspartame. They also have green tea extract in them. You are basically drinking a zero calorie soda that is fairly good for you!

  2. surprisingly not a fan of any… I occasionally stop by FroZenYo for a cold treat, but only on the hottest of DC days. I overload gummy worms on the plain flavor. It’s weird, but I love it.

    The last new thing I tried? Starting a blog! Exciting and a bit daunting,but I have great blogs like yours as a perfect role model! I would love some advice if you have any!

    • haha perfect role model? i definitely wouldn’t go that far! um are you talking columbia heights frozen yo? if you ever want to meet up and talk blogging/life just email me. i don’t know about gummy worms though. mine tend to freeze in the froyo and then get stuck to my teeth. it’s a serious problem

      • Sophie @ life's philosophie

        I may take you up on the offer! I live a few blocks from the Columbia Heights metro and, after thinking about it long enough, I have a serious craving for frozen yogurt!

  3. I love a fancy popsicle! We have great ones in Denver called Aiko Pops. CrossFit is $240 for a couple in Denver. The two club-type gyms we’ve belonged to here have been around $150/couple.

  4. I love an orange creamsicle! The last new thing I tried, hm, I guess it would be switching my up schedule a bit and going to CrossFit first thing in the morning rather than after work. Does that count? A regular gym membership in Charleston is anywhere between $10 – $80/month. CrossFit is anywhere between $95 – $225/month. And then you have your ‘specialized’ places like yoga, Spin, and barre which I have no idea…

  5. My place of employment has a Fitness Center for all it’s employees (all 4000+ of them). It costs $5 for the key fob and It’s down the hall from my office. How cool is that? I live in Topeka, KS.

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