warm, fuzzy, muddy, & lonely

Good morning, nation’s capital!DSC02914It’s been a while since I tackled the Cathedral Climb, which is about a 350-foot incline over 1.75 miles. Phew.DSC02916My shoes are still soggy from yesterday, so I decided to destroy my beautiful Nike Frees today instead. It has been freaking rainy here in DC… the whole city feels like an over-saturated sponge. And now all of my running shoes are damp and smelly.DSC02917On a more positive note, it is still lovely outside. The summer sun is so inspiring compared to the dark, lonely days of winter.DSC02919This chair was looking pretty lonely, though. Poor guy. You can pick him up on Macomb Street.DSC02915Want to hear something even grosser than smelly, muddy shoes? Okay.

So, seven weeks ago, I was on a run and a bug flew into my eye. Yep, right in there. I tried to get the bugger out and even frantically stopped another runner to poke around my eye (yes, she thought I was insane), but we couldn’t find the bug. About five hours later the bug finally came out in all of its winged, black, buggy glory. Unfortunately ever since that lovely incident, my left eye has been kind of oozy and goopy.

So I finally decided to see an eye doctor yesterday who confirmed that it has been infected for seven weeks. NICE.IMG_0592It’s not really a big deal, just a bit of minor bacterial warfare occurring atop of my eyeball. Some cleaning drops to fix it. Oh, the joys of running!

Because it is a bit gloomy today I want to share this photo. Every time I see French toast I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Don’t you?_DSC0002The only thing that would have made this breakfast even more perfect is good company. Anthony is in Jamaica for work at present so I only had the clink of silverware to entertain me! And to be completely honest with you here on the internet, I also enjoyed it alongside an episode of The Bachelorette.
_DSC0006Hope you guys have a rockstar Tuesday, if there is such a thing. Let’s make it happen!

  • Does the weather affect your mood very much?
  • What’s the MOST important element of breakfast? Food? Beverage? Company? Environment? Timing?
  • Do you put your shoes in the washer/dryer? I’m considering doing this…


  1. Yes! If it is a rainy, gross day I am grumpy and upset, but once the sun comes out, I’m happy again 🙂
    Probably beverage … coffee! (Word of advice: don’t get Folgers Breakfast Blend!)
    I don’t put my shoes in either machine … I put them over a vent and then use a damp scrubby brush to scrub off dirt. Using sneaker balls (sports authority) really helps with the smell

  2. For really wet shoes you should stuff newspaper in them. Have you ever tried this? It works really well. Sorry about the infected eye! I just got over conjunctivitis that I got from my son 😦 It’s awful!

  3. I put newspaper in my wet shoes also. Although one time I did that and they weren’t drying out fast enough so I put them on a rack in the dryer and put the heat on the lowest setting and let it do its thing for about 25 minutes. Sorry to hear about your eye, doesn’t sound fun… The weather doesn’t affect my mood too much, except when its raining on a weekday I’d much rather curl up with a good cuppa coffee and watch movies.

    • once i had a brilliant idea to put my phone in front of a space heater to try and dry it out after i dropped it in a mug of coffee… terrible idea because then it basically melted. anyways. yes, rainy days are the worst. i try to look outside before i run!

  4. Chelsea

    Sorry about the bug thing! One of my best friends had a cicada fly in to her eye while she was riding a horse once when she was little – basically making me fear any and all eye-meets-nature related interactions. 😦 😦

    BTW: Thanks for always reminding me that DC isn’t one giant metropolitan and that there are many, many green places there. I don’t know why I always think of it that way, but I tend to, so bonus points for that Mary! 😀

  5. Yep. Weather affects me. Rain is the worst – esp the days of heavy downpours we get in late summer.

    Breakfast isn’t breakfast without my partner. Given she’s a shift worker, we don’t have it together often.

    Do not dry your shoes in a hot dryer! The fabric shrinks and you end up with banana shaped joggers. Learn from my recent mistake on that one 🙂

  6. Joe Emerson

    In addition to newspaper, I spray my shoes with a deodorizer or sprinkle foot powder in mine after every run – whether they’re soaked or not.

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