pilates and a ketchup race

Good thing I just ordered a new pair of running shoes.IMG_0588I usually am itching to try new types/brands of shoes after I retire a pair, but I just can’t let go of the Brooks PureConnects. My third pair of these puppies are on the way and should arrive this week!IMG_0591These ducks said hello and I wish I had their webbed feet. I basically waded through half of my 45-minute run on my feeble human extremities.IMG_0585I haven’t done a workout for time in quite a while. I usually measure my runs in miles, but my coach is changing that. After my timed jog, I did some really random and run-specific strength exercises, also per his guidance. The 25-minute strength routine included things like side leg lifts, clams, and single-leg squats (videos linked!). Ouch.

These exercises target all my (and many runners’) weak spots — specifically the hips, inner thighs, and butt. The isolated movements are similar or identical to many exercises you’d do in a Pilates class, which my coach thinks is one of the best types of strength training for runners. I came across this personal trainer’s post which I thought provided some quality insight on the benefits of Pilates for runners:

“Pilates aids by using muscles to work in the transverse (side leg series) and coronal planes (back and ab work). Because Pilates works many muscles at once, some as stabilizers and some as movers, it is extremely beneficial for runners.  Pilates strengthens your hamstrings, adductors  (inner thighs), and glutes, which takes the pressure off the front (quads and shins) and sides (abductors) of the legs leading to improved alignment and decreased risk of injury.”

I definitely have a lot to learn about running and strength training, but I must say that I can pretty confidently declare myself an expert in at least one category: Salad.P1010395Yesterday I was feeling Caesar-like and created this health-ified Caesar dressing. Complete with everything a Caesar salad calls for: super-crisp romaine, red onion, bell pepper, parmesan, croutons… and THE MOST important component: Anchovies. P1010399I’d say the salad stole the show, but Anne’s chicken tenders and some oven-baked sweet potato fries were also a fabulous feature.P1010402Our romantic meal was complete with a ten-gallon plastic pickle ketchup tub. We even decided to paint a wall in our apartment red in honor of our favorite condiment.P1010401We just opened the monster ketchup last week and have already made a significant dent. I’m going to guess that we will finish it by September 1, 2013 which probably evens out to about two cups of ketchup per person per day. Let the games begin.

Have a great one!

  • Have you ever/do you currently take Pilates classes?
  • What condiment do you put on everything?
  • Do you buy new types/brands of running shoes or stick to the same ones all the time?

Of interest:



  1. I’ve taken a few pilates classes in my time and totally loved them! Although, I’m still a huge fan of lifting 🙂 🙂 I don’t normally use condiments, but I guess if I had to choose, blue cheese dressing!

  2. Dawn H.

    That salad looks great! I’m sticking with Saucony sneakers right now – they fit my feet well. I have yet to find pilates enjoyable…

  3. Eat Pray Run, DC

    I have always enjoyed Pilates classes and this post was a good reminder that I should add some back into my routine!

  4. I haven’t taken a Pilates class, but I do pilate ab workouts on Youtube and stuff … I really want to take a class
    I don’t really like condiments. Sad, I know.
    I probably will switch up a few things with my running shoes … I don’t know I’m really liking my Lunar Glide 4’s

  5. I actually hate ketchup and always have. But I love mustard. Favorite condiment is probably ranch dressing though for dipping veggies, buffalo chicken, and French fries. So good. For my salads I use this vanilla balsamic that Fiore` sells mixed with their Orange evoo. Delicious!

  6. I’ve never taken a pilates class, but it sounds like a great idea..
    I put parmesan cheese on everything possible. I have this theory that every food can be topped with either parmesan cheese or cool whip, but never both. Can you think of any exceptions?
    And Mizunos Wave Inspires!

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