play hard, sleep hard

What do you look for in a weekend? I feel like I always like to go out hard and then get the best sleep ever.

On that note, Anthony and I started the party on Friday night when we went to the 9:30 club to see Cut Copy.

IMG_0573I’ve been listening to Cut Copy for about three years — they are my go-to track workout band! I tried shouting something like, “I’ve run hundreds of 800-meter sprints to your songs!” toward the band. I don’t think they heard me.IMG_0574The concert was totally rad and it was one of those things where the band played all the best songs and really got the audience involved. Plus the stage lights were clearly amazing. My ears and eyes are still throbbing a bit from the whole experience.

The concert was topped off with Part II of the best weekend recipe: amazing sleep.

Then, wake up and start over:IMG_0575I did ten miles through all the best trails in town. Overcast skies are a bit dreary, but at least that means no sunburn!IMG_0577Local readers: What’s your favorite trail around DC/VA? I just can’t get enough of Teddy Roosevelt Island. Always has been, always will be the most lovely in my opinion.IMG_0578The best thing about this run was that it ended at Whole Foods where I bought myself a coconut water and smashed as many cheese samples as possible.

Then, again, the sleep kicked in. The sun came out and I basked like a baby.

I know this is the most typical photo ever but am sharing it in case anyone can take a guess what the guy in the yellow shorts is doing. That looks like the most uncomfortable tanning position ever.IMG_0579A long journey from Virginia to DC because the Pride Parade took over the streets!IMG_0582Then to a (belated) birthday celebration for Leah! We went to Brixton, the coolest new bar on U St. In DC, rooftop bars are pretty much the only place people go for a drink in the summer. The whole town is obsessed with them.P1010382Happy birthday to my favorite running buddy!

I almost forgot to share the most epic highlight of the whole weekend so far.IMG_0571Breathtaking white sofa available on 11th and W St. Northwest, you guys. So mod, so sleek.IMG_0570Would have made for a perfect seat on the concert but unfortunately after the rain it was a bit waterlogged.

I hope you’re having a jam-packed-yet-restful weekend, too!

  • What do you like to do on the weekends?
  • What was the last concert you saw?
  • What’s the most popular type of bar or most common drink in your town?


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  2. DistrictSweats

    I’m a sucker for the Capital Crescent Trail, especially when pairing it with the Georgetown waterfront. But if I want a really peaceful run, I’ll head to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, which has easy access from Capitol Hill, runs right along the river and is never crowded.

  3. That guy is definitely trying to tan his armpits. Lol. You had a busy weekend! Looks like a fun time. I did a lot of chores yesterday. Still laying low. I did more chores today and ventured out for a 2 mile quick run. I actually did some crunches, leg raises and 2x45sec. planks as well. Didn’t feel too shabby after.

  4. You know, I have to say – of all the pictures of furniture you’ve ever posted on your blog, if it weren’t for the fact that it was waterlogged and in VA/DC, I would probably totally put that couch in my house! It looks like yellow-shirt-guy is really concentrating on his armpits/inner thigh region which, while he admittedly looks ridiculous, I almost have to give him props for his hard-core dedication to equal tanning, lol. Glad you had a wonderful, sleep-ful weekend!

  5. Dawn H.

    I hope yellow shirt guy remembered to turn over and do both sides. I love getting cooking done on the weekends with a movie on 🙂

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