National Running Day and National Donut Day, in one week?! This is too much.DSC00976I haven’t had my donut yet but I did do my run. A short, sweet, and soggy jog. I got pretty soaked but didn’t care because it’s FRIDAY.IMG_0567I listened to Cut Copy the whole time — Anthony and I are seeing their concert tonight!! Any other fans out there?

I know you guys are going to eat donuts all day, but if you need a healthy break let me introduce you to the latest salad sensation:_DSC0015After all the cabbage and beets I ate in Australia, I was craving a recreation. I know we hear that richly colored vegetables are the best for you, but I think light-colored cabbage is an exception. _DSC0008According to my favorite website Greatist, cabbage is “super” because it’s high in fiber, antioxidants, and glucosinolates (cancer-fighting). Plus it’s super crunchy and cheap. Booyah._DSC0009I topped my cabbage with oranges, the best beets ever, chicken, feta, and a sprinkle of toasted almonds. Topped with honey, olive oil, and a ton of lemon.

I don’t know how this happened, but I forgot to send along two gems I spotted on Tuesday:2013-06-03As of today, the mattress is gone but the couch is still standing, soggy and saggy. Get it while you can!

  • Do you have a cabbage recipe? Want to share it with me?!
  • What’s your favorite band to listen to while you run?
  • If you were a donut, what type of donut would you be and why?

Of interest:



  1. I love listening to anything upbeat when I’m running. Black Eyed Peas is always in the playlist. I’m not a big cabbage fan. I think it’s because my mom had me eat boiled cabbage a lot when I was younger and I hate over-cooked soggy veggies! If I were a donut I’d definitely be a Jelly Stick. I’ve eaten enough of them! lol

  2. Chelsea

    That salad looks so yummy! All the doughnut pictures are driving me crazy! lol. Something about seeing a couch or mattress curbside after a hard rain makes me a little sad…lol. Have a great Friday, m’dear!

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