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I’m in a new state!IMG_0560The state of Virginia, you guys. Since Anthony moved out here to his (soon-to-be-our) place, it means I get to do glorious runs through the DC outskirts on some days. Things out here are a lot bigger, but a lot quieter, than in the city.

Not that I was quiet today, though. I was too busy chatting away with with the fantastic AnneIMG_0563-001We ran a little over four miles and gabbed about running, food, blogging, running, running, and running. And then we took this amazing blurry photo. Nothing else I’d rather be doing at 6:30 in the morning! So excited to have made a new friend and running buddy. Who also happens to craft delicious recipes on the regular.

We ran through Ballston and Rosslyn, which is exactly where I was running about 12 hours prior, actually. Last night I headed to the PR Running store in Ballston, where the Rock Recovery team gathered eager runners for a 5k.

IMG_0555They gave us a quick run-down on the cause and the course, and then were off!  (Don’t worry, I passed this guy.)

DSC00929Even though I realized this was a “fun run” 5k, I still tried to treat it as a race. Short distances are new to me so it was a bit difficult knowing how to pace myself… but before I really had time to think about it, the race was over. It was sort of like running a marathon but like WAY shorter. I think 5ks are the way to go.

21:36. Which is slightly faster than my last 5k — hoorah! (And fast enough for me to take first place, had anyone cared!)

BUT there are a few considerations to take in: 1) this “race” was on the Custis trail, the hilliest trail in town; 2) I got stopped at a stop light for about 20 seconds; 3) according to my Garmin, the course was 0.07 miles short of being a full 5k. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with my time… but of course hoping to crush it as I run more of these!

But moreso than the run, I’m really happy I went to Carpool for some fun afterwards. IMG_0557It was really neat getting to know the other runners and the staff at Rock Recovery. When I signed up for the race, I didn’t know what charity/organization was sponsoring it; but learning more about the cause behind this event made it even better.

Rock Recovery is dedicated to bridging eating-disorder treatment gaps by offering more affordable services and treatments to people struggling with disordered eating. Many articles and bloggers will tell you that disordered eating is a serious issue in the running community (and in America in general), so it was nice to participate in a running event that tackled this topic in a very straightforward way. Go, Rock Recovery!IMG_0558-001At the end there was a raffle with gift card giveaways. I didn’t win anything! But there were free quesadillas which I consider better than a gold medal. The end.

  • Favorite: Quesadilla, taco, burrito, or chimichangas? Salsa: Mild, medium, or hot?
  • Have you ever met someone in real life who you met online?
  • What charity/organizations have you run for or support?

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  1. Dawn H.

    I spent a ton of time at Carpool when we first moved to DC – didn’t hurt that it was across the street from my husband’s office, lol. Congrats on your 5K time!! Burrito, definitely. I like biting into the soft exterior and getting at all the yumminess inside.

  2. The Center for Hope of North Virginia (where I work) is a huge supporter of Rock Recovery! If I wasn’t giving birth in 2 weeks, I’d love to have run last night!!! Next year for sure : )
    Great article on disordered eating in athletes…I love my work and love working with athletes to help them find freedom from this rigid mind set and LIVE!

  3. Favorite: Quesadilla, taco, burrito, or chimichangas? Salsa: Mild, medium, or hot?

    – Yes to all.

    Have you ever met someone in real life who you met online?

    – I met my husband online in 2005. We’ve been married 6 years this month 🙂

    What charity/organizations have you run for or support?

    – Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Help for Haiti, United Way, ASPCA, St. Jude Children’s Hospital

  4. Missy

    I’m a longtime reader (your blog and Anne’s are my two favorites!) and I thought I might have seen you on my run this morning but now I know I did! I would have said hi if I was sure… I was the girl with a white tshirt, grey shorts, and a braid heading back toward Courthouse. Anyway, welcome to VA – and hopefully I’ll catch you another time!

      • Missy

        You were alone – I was the 6:35 girl! I will shoot you an email for sure… always been a solo runner but I’ve been looking to meet some running buddies!

      • hahaha I totally remember running by you. I stopped to take a photo and then caught up with you, and then hung at the same pace awkwardly for a bit… if only I had known we could have been friends!
        this is fate.

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