discounts, butter, & sunscreen

Happy National Running Day! Cookies for everyone!P1010376And, discounts for everyone!  Here‘s $20 off  your next Rock ‘n’ Roll race. I’m not running this morning but I am racing tonight. Hopefully these chocolate chip-coconut goodies will fuel me to the finish line properly.

Same goes for this big plate of fajitas.

P1010371Last night we had Anthony’s award-winning fajitas which didn’t disappoint as usual. It’s the refried beans that really take these babies to the next level.

I am such a fan that I asked my fajita if I could pose with it. Believe me, if you had one of these amazing creations you would talk to it too.
P1010374The event inspired Anthony and I to add a taco shell warmer to our registry. It’s a must-have in every household, right?!

Okay, but really, back to running. My extreme lobster-like sunburn from the half marathon has taught me a few things.base-sunburn

Well, actually, just one thing. Wear sunscreen. USA Today published this article yesterday about a recent study on sunscreen use. Looks like they  finally revealed undeniable long-term data that sunscreen keeps you young, healthy, and beautiful:

“The study of 903 adults under age 55 found that after 4.5 years, those assigned to slather on sunscreen at least once a day saw 24% less skin aging — at least on the back of their hands — than those left to follow any sunscreen habits they liked.”

The question is, which sunscreen to buy? I’m aware there is a big debate about whether SPF labels lie and what brands are the best.

To end the most random post ever, I want to leave you with big news. I don’t have to pour cinnamon sugar on my toast no more. I spread it. Amazing!P1010379It’s the little things.

Go for a run!

  • What are you doing for National Running Day? (Did you even know it was National Running Day?)
  • Sunscreen brand recommendations?! Keep in mind I am cheap.
  • What do you put on your toast? Jam? Butter? VEGEMITE?!

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