time for the experts

The other day at church, my pastor said something along the lines of this: “The only reason we’re not in complete awe of the sunrise is because it happens every day.”IMG_0550Though the summer sunrises are harder to catch and not quite as breathtaking as the winter ones, I still love seeing the bursting light in the morning. If there wasn’t a sunrise each morning I would definitely sleep in all the time.IMG_0549Anyways. I tried to take it slow and save my speed because tomorrow I’m running my second-ever 5k race! One of my goals this summer is to run more short-distance races.

Well, one of my running coach’s goals for me. Yes people, you heard right. I got myself a runnin’ coach. I want to learn more about running, receive personalized guidance, and get some more structure/discipline in my training. After years of scouring the internet to create self-made training plans, picking runner friends’ brains for tips, and crafting marathon training experiments in hopes of finding the “missing piece” to getting faster, I’ve realized I’m at a good point to hand it over to the experts.

My coach and I met in Rock Creek Park and went over all things running-related yesterday. IMG_0548He went over a training strategy for me and we chatted more about the mental approach to running rather than the physical approach, which was interesting. Then he watched me run and gave me some feedback on my form. The good news is that I have a great footstrike! The bad news is that I have a wacky left arm that doesn’t want to move. My arm? Seriously? When was the last time you thought about your arm performance during a run 😉 ? This is going to be fun. Does anyone else have a coach? Had a coach? Have thought about hiring a coach?

Anyways, the whole experience of having a coach is just thrilling. You should be thrilled, too, because I’m going to have lots of fun stuff to share in the coming months.

Don’t worry, though, I will still be sharing non-running related things, too. Like FOOD!!!!!!!!!!P1010364Anthony and I tried out this chicken and rice casserole recipe the other night. It was different for us — very homestyle, and very rosemary-ish! It was sort of like chicken soup without being soup. If that makes sense.P1010369We used about 3/4 of the recommended rice volume and subbed brown rice for white rice. Also, we created a speed-cook version of the recipe by buying instant rice and skipping/shortening some of the simmer time.

I mean, who has time for simmering? Life is fast. Live it up.

  • Have you ever had a running coach? What changes came of it?
  • Favorite homestyle meal?
  • Which is prettier: sunrise or sunset?

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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Good for you for getting a coach! It makes such a difference, in my experience. I am both a coach and coached. 🙂 Thanks for the post shout out, too!

  2. Dawn H.

    Good luck on your 5K! Save some energy for the end so you can sprint past the finish line 🙂 I have thought about getting a coach – maybe next year…I’m eager to hear about how coaching makes a difference for you!

  3. I love sunsets. They are beautiful where I live. I don’t have a coach currently. But, I did in college and I refer back to guidance often. Favorite home cooked meal – steak and veggie kabobs soaked in soy sauce with tin foil-grilled potatoes & onions. So good! Good luck tomorrow!!

  4. No coach. Fave homestyle meal is mashed potato, carrot and onion (we call it peastamp because that’s what it’s called in the part of Holland that I am from) served with fat sausages . Sunrise for me.

  5. Having a coach is great — someone who tells you what to do to reach your goals , and does all the training plans for you! It’s a definite must-have for me now. Besides, when do you ever see yourself running (other than in those bad finish line photos) to know what your form is really like?
    Sunrise for me.

  6. bahh I want a running coach so badly!! I havn’t been properly coached since high school cross country!! I miss having a structured workout… How do I go about finding one in my area?!?

    So pumped for you! And that meal looks great 🙂

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