half marathon & whole crabs

This post is about how to run a half marathon and eat boiled crabs. In just 10 hours!

First, you have to find a friend to do it with you. Then, you rent a car and leave your city at 5 a.m.IMG_0532You go to the start line and begin running. One foot in front of the other, you guys!IMG_0533For this race, I actually didn’t wear my Garmin watch. I just ran with it. The best thing about running a marathon only four weeks before the Zooma half marathon was that today’s race felt oh so short! Or maybe I just felt amazing because I was running on some great pre-race fuel last night:IMG_0530Anyways, back to the race. Before I knew it I was done and Daniela and I were lounging atop our complimentary yoga mats sipping wine in the shade with all the other wonderful ladies who ran today. Not too bad.

IMG_0534The only thing that was too bad about today, actually, is that I didn’t wear sunscreen. Another not perfect thing is that I didn’t crush the race. I came in at 1:42 (7:48 average pace) which is still a crush, but less of one I was hoping for. I could list some excuses why I didn’t make it closer to 1:35-1:39 territory but let’s just focus on the fun. Thanks for a great race, Zooma! I’d definitely do one of these “girls’ getaway” runs again.

Then, we took our sweat-covered selves and strolled around Annapolis which is the cutest town ever and has lots of bird sculptures. Yes I wore all pink for this race. It was a women’s-only race, after all!P1010347Dr. Borek and Dr. Jones have a pretty awesome view.P1010348We stopped for a burger that was far beyond any burger I’ve ever seen:P1010342And were still hungry just in time for CRABS!P1010349My other roommate, Sam, joined us in Maryland and hosted us at her sister’s crab feast. P1010352Back to our lesson. How to eat a crab: 1) Pull off its butt 2) Pull out its organs 3) Chop off its head 4) Smash the remainders and search for meat! Wow. That was a first for me. And for Daniela and Izzy!P1010354By 3 p.m. the fun was had and we were full. And don’t worry, I did shower eventually.

What a great day.

  • Have you ever been to a crab boil?
  • What’s the hottest temp you’ve ever run a race in (it was like 90 degrees here!)?
  • What’s the quirkiest thing about your town?


  1. I have been so fortunate to have never run in a really hot race!! ok so in high school cross country….but never a road race!!

    Never been to a crab boil but looks yummy and interesting!! haha

    quirkest thing about Indianapolis?? um… I can’t come up with one, let me know if you do…. ha 🙂 great job in the race!!

  2. So, did you find out WHAT the birds were about? We saw them on Sunday and were just confused….

    And where o where did you get that burger?
    (Iknow its a running blog, and yes your run sounded awesome… but seriously! THAT BURGER!)

  3. Chelsea

    Oh, man, that crab looks so delicious! I’ve never been to a crab boil, but I have gone to a crawfish bake and a catfish fry night, which were both equally delicious in their own right 🙂 glad you had a good time at the marathon, and I know I’m MUCHO impressed by that time!

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