not much sitting

Like I mentioned, Anthony and I had a car for the weekend! Such a freeing, exhilarating experience. We did some really amazing things. Like going to Home Depot, Walmart, and Ikea.IMG_0521Not only does Ikea craft extremely functional products at an amazingly low cost, but they also produce vanilla froyo and sell it for a single dollar. I would have gotten two cones but unfortunately I had to drive with one hand.

Another great way to get around? Pedal a cart with ten people.
P1010310We headed to Baltimore on Saturday to join Alanna and her friends for a birthday celebration! P1010309We pedaled our way to a handful of bars in Fell’s Point, had the most fun in the world, and then finished the route with crab dip-topped tater tots. Does life get any better?P1010312The only way it maybe could would be to spend a long time exploring Mother Nature by foot. Which, since I’m feeling a bit better today, I finally could!IMG_0525I fit in 12 miles in preparation for my half marathon this weekend. IMG_0524My only goal was to not run over any tourists that have flooded DC for Memorial Weekend. I had some close calls, but luckily did not trample anyone. They are lucky.

Between helping Anthony move, partying with Alanna in Baltimore, and prepping for a half marathon, it’s been an extremely busy (but fun!) few days with few moments to sit down at all. And actually, few spots to sit down, since Anthony has one couch… which is covered in boxes.

But we have made time for breakfast. If I have one rule in life it is to make time for breakfast._DSC0003Nothing says “weekend” like a piece of crispy, smoky bacon. I hope you had time to fry yourself up a slice recently.
_DSC0002And on that note, it’s time to tackle more boxes! Happy Memorial Day to you and you.

  • What’s your “weekend” breakfast?
  • Favorite mass shopping store? Walmart? Ikea? Target? Kmart? Lowe’s?
  • Do you think you could live/do you live without a car?


  1. Ikea is basically my fave. I basically live without a car. My husband as an hour + commute to work, and I get to walk the less than 1 mile. 🙂 I’d rather walk any day!!!

  2. Raleigh was one of those carts and we’ve always wanted to get a group together and pedal around downtown. It looks like so much fun! I hope all is well and good luck with the race!

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