How’s your weekend?

Mine’s kinda blue.DSC02896-001Not just because of the cloudless sky, but because I’m struggling to get over a nasty cold. I had planned to go on a long run on Saturday, but my stuffy nose and aching throat said no way, Jose.

I still had to go for a short jog, though, because I had somewhere to be — and on foot was the fastest way to get there! Plus the Dayquil had kicked in and I thought I was invincible and illness-free, which clearly isn’t true given the amount of Kleenex I have gone through in the past 15 hours. But anyways.DSC02897-001Budget Rental Car, people. We had stuff to do in DC, Maryland, and Virginia yesterday so the only way to accomplish it all was with a real vehicle all to ourselves.

We got a snazzy red hatchback and drove that baby between DC and Virginia about three times. Anthony is moving into our future place this weekend!IMG_0517We got everything moved by noon (!!speedsters!!) and noshed on sandwiches and a local deli afterwards. Considering all of his plates and food is in boxes it was do or die. DSC02899-001No really, it was. I would die if I skipped a meal.

Next up were quick showers and the road to Baltimore for a birthday bash!

But I can’t recap Saturday night’s glory without paying tribute to Friday celebrations first. Flashback to two days ago (which feels like two years ago), when we went on a double date to celebrate Miriam’s new job!P1010286Smoke & Barrel didn’t disappoint. This new(ish) Adams Morgan spot has lots of barbecued options… and beer options.P1010284I went out on a limb and tried the vegan “wings” which I’d heard were amazing. The rumors are true.P1010287Anthony kept it classic with a smorgasbord of meats and fried goodies. We loved the pulled pork — very tender with great, smoky-sweet flavor!P1010288The night ended with skeeball, which Anthony has never played before. He is a natural.P1010291I, on the other hand, should probably stick to running and boxing. Or just running.

More to come after we unpack all these boxes, assemble a massive table, go to Ikea, and paint two rooms!

  • What’s your favorite arcade game?
  • Barbecue: smoky, vinegar-y, spicy, or sweet?
  • Do you ever literally “run” errands?


  1. Ikea! Exciting! I have “run” errands before when my car has been worked on and I have hours to either sit and wait or get stuff done! I don’t usually play arcade games. Skeeball is fun though! Love me some spicy bbq!

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