exploring marathon fitness conversion and the 20th century

Hello, old friend.IMG_0507It’s been a while since I hit the track… and I could tell with each step I took today! I’m not in marathon shape anymore, but hopefully I’m in half marathon shape. In two weeks I’m running the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon, so I figured I better start getting speedy again.IMG_0512Which, according to Runner’s Times, is exactly what I should be doing right now. I stumbled across this lovely Runner’s World article which discusses how to put your marathon fitness level into “good use” by racing shorter distances three to six weeks after your marathon.

“Starting in the third or fourth week post-marathon, you can begin to get back into training, but focus on intensity, not building your mileage…After five or six weeks post-marathon, you should begin to build into race-specific training.”

The article focuses more on 5k and 10k races, but I think it could loosely apply to half marathons as well.

Now that all the serious stuff is taken care of, let’s move on to the random stuff. First off, a nice couch, rug, and futon topper collection:IMG_0513Second, a montage I made to represent the emergence of the 20th century.2013-05-23Coincidentally, every piece of entertainment I encountered on the 30+ hours I spent on planes to and fro Australia over the past weeks covered the late 1800s and early 1900s. First up was the book Devil in the White City (1893), the TV series Downton Abbey (1912-1920), and the film The Artist (1927). They were all wonderful in their own way, but I have to say Downton is just addicting (I can’t wait to start the third season!). I also really enjoyed Devil in the White City — it was so interesting learning about the “modern” creations that came along with Chicago’s World Fair!

And now I’ve moved on to Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior, which is unsurprisingly fantastic. I recommend you read it.

As long as you don’t stop reading my blog, that is.

Run happy!

  • How do you handle “loss of fitness” after a marathon?
  • Have you seen/watched any of the media in my montage?! If so, thoughts?
  • Have you ever done a Zooma race?




  1. Is The Artist the silent movie with the dog? If so, I read the dog’s book (!) and it made me want to watch the movie!
    The Zooma series looks like fun! I’ll be excited to read your recap!

  2. Chelsea

    Love hearing about what you’re reading – I’m a book nerd who always wants to know what people are reading! And I COMPLETELY know what you mean about Downton Abbey – I dind’t get what everyone was going on about until I watched it, and then I’m pretty sure I watched both seasons in a day and a half!

  3. Oh my gosh Downton Abbey is amazinggg!! I discovered it in 2011 when I was living in New Zealand and it was on TV before it was in the US. I kept telling my sister she just HAD to watch it online… it took her a while to get to it but once she did she was hooked!!

    haha love the random photo 🙂

    You will rock the half!! Seriously, your legs will feel great and the distance will fly by! Good luck with training!!

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