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Good morning, DC!
DSC02891And good morning to anyone reading this that isn’t in DC. What a big world we live in, and oh how the internet makes it so small.

Anthony convinced me to set out for an especially early start this morning. 5:30 a.m., people! 5:30 a.m.DSC02892The traffic-less streets made for a good opportunity to head downtown to the White House. Only a sole protestor, three security guards, me, Anthony, and Obama. What a team.DSC02890We’re slowly starting to get back on track after vacation! We have a routine here in DC that is pretty jam-packed. Finding time to cook can be difficult, but I have to remind myself that we can’t just eat Pica Taco every night, unfortunately.

So last night I put on my apron and spent some time in the kitchen. And by “some time” I mean approximately 40 minutes. The result:_DSC065400I baked some salmon (10 minutes), sauteéd some spinach (5 minutes), and made some veggie coucous (5 minutes). Prep work took maybe 20 minutes! Done and done!

For the salmon I was inspired by this recipe, which I tweaked because I didn’t have tarragon. What is tarragon, anyways?

Couscous: I sautéed some pepper, zucchini, and onion. Then I cooked the couscous with a touch of lemon and a bit (like 1/5 a cube) of chicken bouillon. Add them together and suddenly everything is more colorful and flavorful._DSC0649And spinach is just spinach, you guys. Does anyone else’s heart break when they empty an entire bag of spinach into a pan and watch it shrivel to 1/10th of its size in under five minutes?

Shrinking spinach, mysterious tarragon, quiet streets… something’s up with today, I tell you. Have a good one!

  • Do you follow recipes or make up your own?
  • What time do you usually wake up?
  • Favorite vegetable?

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  1. That meal looks EXTRODINARY!! Salmon with veggies (faves are cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli) is just such a wonderful meal!
    I am so jealous that you a.) live in DC, and b.) RUN in DC. Seriously one of my favorite cities in the world. Yes, world 🙂
    I ran the Marine Corps Marathon there in 2011 and it was just spectacular! I hope to live there for a couple years (some day)
    And early morning running in ANY city is just so peacful and spiritual! The quiet streets just make you appreciate the day!!

  2. Dawn H.

    lol i was shocked when i roasted asparagus this weekend and the whole bunch shrank down to nothing. why?? i mean, it was delicious, but it lasted all of 2 minutes!

  3. I follow recipes, but I’ll exchange some things (like applesauce for oil or whatever)

    6 ish on weekdays and I’ll have to do that on Saturdays too and Sundays for running now that it is hot

    Cucumber or raw broccoli with ranch

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