sweaty indicators & fort man

Big news, peeps.

Fort Man is gone. RIP.IMG_0498In case you missed out on my continuing coverage of a man who built and lived in a fort across Key Bridge, here’s a shot of his creation (taken in December 2012), which included a water tank, roof, and other amenities that I inspected from a somewhat safe distance:DSC02146I think the last time I checked in on him was about a month ago. Given that his former home has been completely cleared, I’d guess the authorities came sometime over the past few weeks and bulldozed his abode. Sad. Goodbye, friend.

Luckily, everything else I love about running in Virginia is still around and in full, lush beauty.IMG_0501I covered 8.5 miles at a much happier pace than yesterday’s not-so-great excursion. The heat and humidity of the season is really starting to sink in, though. My shirt was a nice heather grey when I set out around 6 a.m. …IMG_0500And a deep charcoal grey when I finished. Nice.

Speaking of sweat, I bring other news: Hot, sweaty runs don’t actually mean you burn more calories than cold, less sweaty runs. A few reasons why, courtesy of Active.com, That’s FitOutdoor magazine, and a medical study featured in the Huffington Post.

  • Weather doesn’t affect the amount of calories you burn because, generally speaking, it doesn’t typically affect your “economy” (the amount of oxygen you use).
  • If anything, hot temps could actually slow you down and shorten your distance (thus reducing the amount of calories you burn than you might in cool temps)
  • Colder temps could increase caloric burn because your body is working harder to keep its temperature up.

Completely contradicting this information, I present a note from Shape magazine, which claims that in high temperatures “your heart needs to work harder to both keep your muscles well oxygenated during cardio and to send extra blood to the surface of your skin to keep your body temperature safe,” thus burning more calories.

At least all of the information I found agrees on one thing: whether or not you burn more or less calories during weather changes, the difference in caloric burn is pretty insignificant. “Not enough to make up for, say, a Thanksgiving feast that included multiple servings of pie,” says Huffington Post… “Don’t think you’ve earned an ice cream sundae!” says Shape. Geez, guys.

What about a slice of bread, then?_DSC0750Anthony’s mom makes her own bread. I’m having flashbacks to this delicious cheese-filled creation that she whipped up before we left Australia… and just added a bread maker to our wedding registry list 🙂

Thoughts and prayers to Oklahoma. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  • Have you ever made your own bread?
  • Do you feel like you get a “better” workout if you sweat more?
  • Do you like running in hot weather or cold weather?

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  1. May I refer you to this new technology that may help with your sweat issues: http://www.gizmag.com/microfluidic-fabric-sweat/27589/

    “Unsightly underarm sweat patches could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new fabric developed at the University of California, Davis. Instead of simply soaking up sweat like conventional fabrics, the new fabric is threaded with tiny channels that pull the sweat from one side to the other where it forms into droplets that drain away.”

  2. Dawn H.

    definitely cold weather 🙂 i sweat a ton when i run, so even if it’s 30 degrees out, i’m warm by mile 2. hot weather makes me feel sluggish, but i’d better get used to it!

  3. Chelsea

    😦 sad! When it comes down to it, I’ll always pick cold weather running! Summer is great for many, many things, but not for speedy outdoor runs, lol 🙂

  4. Mom and I used to make our own bread all the time. Wheat, white, banana etc. I love 60 degree temps for running. Perfect. I sweat a lot all the time time when I work out, so I wouldn’t know.

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