It’s time to go home.

We had to check a few things off the list before we step on the plane, though. First was seeing two friends I’ve had since 2007, who somehow ended up in Australia!

DSC02855Not only did Rachel (above), Ellie (below), and I all find our way down under, but we all also got engaged this year! What lucky ladies we are.DSC02884Flashback to when we met in England long ago (in a kabob shop):196831_503367282959_4343_nThose were the days!

Anwho, back to our before-we-leave checklist. We also wanted to see Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, an outdoor exploration spot full of Australian animals!_DSC0700003I kept my distance from the snakes and dragons, but the men were keen to get close!_DSC0698000I did, however, feed a kangaroo. Like a true Aussie._DSC0670006We had a wonderful time in Australia and can’t wait to come back soon 🙂

See you in DC!

  • Are you afraid of any animal/critter?
  • Do you have friends who live abroad?
  • Kabobs: yay or nay?


  1. I am scared of snakes and sharks. My fear of snakes is not so much about the ones I can’t see but more the ones that sit on the track blocking the path. I have turned back on many hikes and trail runs rather than passing them. As for sharks – I would love to keep learning to surf but my irrational fear of sharks (and waves) prevents me getting out there.

    I have a Scottish friend who currently lives in the US (when he’s not living in Scotland). I miss him terribly even after almost a decade. But as a consolation, one of my best mates has just last week returned from living in the US and Ireland for 2 years. I can’t wait to catch up with him for a few beers.

    If a kabob is the same as a kebab (meat and salad rolled up in flat bread), then I’m a definite yes! Mmmm … love kebabs!

  2. Chelsea

    “like a true Aussie” made me laugh because I just pictured all of these perfectly dressed Australian businessmen and women suddenly stopping in the middle of their day to feed a kangaroo.. I don’t know, just made me laugh!

    I love when you’re reminded that the world is a small place and you end up running in to or being able to meet up with people in places you never necessarily thought you’d see them. Very cool, but can’t wait to have you back state side!

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