slow & fast

We finished off our South Australia tour with one last, big run:DSC02864-001Anthony stuck with me for five miles and then I did the remaining five in sweet country silence.DSC02861Then we made a quick stop at the beach… because you can’t go to a giant island country without at least seeing the shore!DSC02867A final goodbye to our generous hosts:_DSC0741-001“See you in September!”_DSC0744-001Back in Brisbane, good food and friends awaited. Anthony’s parents introduced us to the art of artichokes._DSC0756You boil them, stuff ’em, steam ’em… and eat them!_DSC0763-001I’ve never eaten a fresh artichoke before. You only actually eat the end of one leaf, then move on to the next. It’s a slow, steady endeavor that is best paired with red wine._DSC0765Quite different than the fast-paced sport of rugby league!DSC02874A bunch of Anthony’s friends joined us to cheer on the Brisbane Broncos. 385298_10152817567930307_1899202620_nRugby league is a lot quicker and less intense than American football. Plus we sat super close to the field without having to pay the hundreds of dollars you’d have to pay in the states to sit so close. Anthony and I decided there are three things cheaper in Australia than in America: hairspray, wine, and rugby games. We have filled our suitcases with the first two… we’ll just have to come back for rugby though.

Yep, we have less than a day left here and we are already planning our trip back.

  • Have you ever eaten fresh artichokes?
  • Ever watched or played rugby?
  • Beach or mountains?

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