hundreds of wines, zero typos

Apologies that I missed a post yesterday…

If I would have written one, it would have likely been riddled with wine-infused typos._DSC0720Anthony and I spent the day sipping, nibbling, and learning. We even did some winemaking, thanks to a lovely engagement present from our generous friends and hosts!_DSC0668McLaren Vale is full of wineries whose staff is ready to pour visitors a drink (or seven) all day long. We had so much fun at D’Arenberg, where experts helped us make a shiraz blend from three different types of wine. It was really interesting (and helpful!) to taste the mineral-y flavors of wine closer to the sea and the floral notes of grapes grown a bit higher in altitude.

We mixed, sampled, and created our own bottles of signature shiraz!_DSC0687The other hugely exciting news is that we met our model winemaker. We have loved Inkwell wine since we first tried it two years ago. _DSC0688When we found out the Inkwell cellar door was just around the corner, I got in touch with the owner, Dudley, who was more than happy to share a drink with us._DSC0689Dudley is actually from a small town in Ohio, right near where my parents grew up, and had read my blog before. I think the stars aligned to bring us all together for an American/Australian celebration. Thanks, Dudley!

After Inkwell we still found the strength to keep sampling at a handful of other vineyards._DSC0723Lots of shiraz, lots of cheese, lots of toasts… you get the idea._DSC0721We even sampled a honey-based mead! It was sweet and hit the spot after tons of tannin._DSC0726-001After a day of tasting, I think it’s safe to say that the only thing that rivals the fantastic wines of this region are the fantastic views.

_DSC0716Which is why I’ve got to get outside and go for a final wine country run!

  • Do you live close to a wine-producing area?
  • Have you ever tried mead, port, or those other really sweet drinks?
  • Have you ever made wine or beer?


  1. Do you live close to a wine-producing area?

    – Yes! I live about 15 minutes from the Prince William County/Fauquier area wineries. I love Virginia Wine.

    Have you ever tried mead, port, or those other really sweet drinks?

    – Yes, I’ve never tried actual port – because to be called port it has to come from Portugal, but I have had “Fort” from the Winery at Bull Run and “Snort” from Pearmund Cellars. Both VERY GOOD.

    Have you ever made wine or beer?

    I actually worked at Pearmund Cellars while I was in college. I poured wine for tastings, assisted in wine dinners, and learned about the process of making wine and bottling. It was magnificent!

  2. I grew up near the finger lakes in NY and they have tons of wineries all over the lakes! My parents house now is actually less than 5 miles from a vineyard / winery! Looks like you guys had a blast and how cool that you got to make your own wine mix!

  3. I’ve never made wine or beer but I have friends that do. I live in Maine, but there are a lot of wineries here. I have had port before but not mead. I love sweeter wines. Moscato is one of my faves. I also love Toscolo’s chianti.

  4. Chelsea

    I love the pics! I’ve never made any kind of alcohol at home, but I burn the water I put on to boil when we make hot dogs, so maybe that’s for the best.

    And for the record, I would have loved the wine typos just as much 🙂 lol

  5. Heidi

    I live in Southern Cali and am very spoiled with great inexpensive wine. Wine country is not far away!

    I love port but have never tasted mead. i’ll add it to my must try list. Ive never made beer or wine.

    I’m heading up to San Francisco this weekend to run Bay to Breakers! I’ll definitely be stopping in Paso Robles on the way back to look for some local wines.

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