hilliest cities & favorite foods

Still tackling those hills!DSC02820I’ve written a few times about the art of running hills (which I’ve yet to master) here, here, here, and here. A summary of some thoughts and tips on tackling hills:

  • Shorten your stride, stay upright, and try to keep your speed and form consistent
  • This article says that 20 seconds a day of hill sprints can boost your raceday performance
  • Running downhill puts more strain on your muscle fibers than running uphill (see this article)

Another fun fact: looks like the hilliest cities in the US are San Francisco, CA; Fitchburg, MA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Seattle, WA. As for the hilliest cities in Australia, there seems to be a lot of debate on the topic but no official list.

The only way to tackle my least favorite running activity is the promise of my favorite food at the end. Pho!DSC02829-001We met up with a group of Anthony’s friends last night at Trang, a Vietnamese gem near downtown Brisbane. Anthony branched out and tried some pork plate. We still don’t know what that cake/slice-looking thing on the side is but it was yummy. Whoever can tell me me what it is gets a prize. Really!DSC02828We usually don’t order appetizers when we go out to eat, with the exception of when there are spring rolls on offer. I can’t say no.DSC02824-001The other great thing about this restaurant (and plenty of restaurants in Brisbane)? They let you bring your own wine and drink it there. Sadly this is another thing I just can’t refuse.

Speaking of wine, we’re off to wine country today! I’ll be writing, running, and relaxing with a fair few glasses of vino from McLaren Vale next time you see me.

  • What’s one thing you can’t refuse?
  • Is your city hilly?
  • Any recommendations/inspiration for tackling hills? I’m constantly stuck on how to overcome them.

Of interest:



  1. Dawn H.

    Mm I love Vietnamese food! The thing on the side looks like fish cake?

    I love hill work, because I know that there’s a down hill on the other side 🙂 In terms of form, I find hill running easiest when I stay on my toes and think about running lightly, if that makes any sense.

  2. Chelsea

    Um, SPRING ROLLS. Yes, please. There is an awesome Thai place in my college town that serves to. die. for. veggie spring rolls and drunken noodles. We used to go there approximately once a week, and I have yet to eat any other combination of the two 🙂

  3. I love spring rolls! I have the rice paper at home to make them too! You can literally roll up anything in them! Have fun in wine country!

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