Happy weekend!

I’ve sort of lost track of the days here on the other side of the world, but when I remembered it was Saturday I got excited. Because that meant a big run.DSC02816-001Anthony and I covered ten gorgeous (but sort of drizzly) miles around Brisbane.DSC02819-001Good thing he knows the streets because I had no idea where we were going, nor did I pay attention at each turn. Total vacation on the brain!
DSC02817-001In addition to big runs, Saturdays are perfect for big… food.

This is what you get when you order an “iced coffee” in Australia. Cream, ice cream, chocolate… and I think there was coffee somewhere in there, too.DSC02811And this is what you get when you ask Anthony to make a quick sandwich._DSC0684-001I won’t even name all the ingredients in there because that would extend this post by 300 words. In sum it all equaled delicious.

Sorry but I have to post one last food photo to the internet. The Australians are quickly catching on to the fact that I am Queen of Salad Making. I can’t let them down!_DSC0688-001Hope you’re having a big, running-filled, and delicious weekend. Catch you soon!

  • Sandwiches or wraps?
  • What day do you like to do long runs on?
  • Beets: yay or nay?


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