as promised

It might be 2 a.m. in DC, but right now it’s time for a daytime jog in Australia!DSC02803Anthony and I met up with Andrew for a lovely, refreshingly flat loop around the river. Brisbane has beautiful pedestrian-friendly paths and bridges all alongside the water.DSC02804Even cooler was that I got to meet a blog friend in person! Andrew’s done some pretty cool biking, hiking, running, and rogain-ing (not Rogaine the American hair-loss product, but rogaine which means “Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance.”) I’ve never really tried much trail racing or any super outdoorsy sports, so it was pretty inspiring to hear about all the big adventures he’s conquered. Pretty awesome. Thanks for coming out, Andrew — it was so fun meeting you!

Not only do I love the people of Australia, but I am also loving Australian traditions. Like morning and afternoon tea.P1010213Anthony’s sister took me out for a “delicate” tea time. A triple tower of sandwiches and cookies is about as dainty as one can get, right?

The only thing cuter than the crustless sandwiches and mini scones? Her adorable kids.
P1010215I know what you’re wondering right now. “Mary, where are the handmade cannoli you alluded to in your last post?!” 

Here goes:_DSC068444The trick is to roll the dough out until it’s tissue paper-thin (mastered by Anthony’s dad and me):_DSC0676And then to fry it until it reaches crispy, bubbly perfection (commanded by Anthony and his mom):_DSC0680Boy, did I pick the right family to marry into._DSC0686Just wait until we fill them with cream. More extremely enticing photos to come soon.

  • What’s one food/dessert you think is better from scratch than store-bought?
  • Have you ever had high tea?
  • Have you ever done rogaining or another trail-type race?

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  1. Chelsea

    Damn. That’s just…amazing! lol. And I thought Mark’s mom’s mashed potatoes were good! lol. Looks like you guys are having an amazing time, and I can’t wait for the promised cream pictures (and for you guys to be back stateside, of course) 🙂

  2. Dawn H.

    creme brulee (although i dunno if i’ve seen this in the store) – so easy to make and always best right after the sugar’s been torched!

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