a declaration

This vacation has been going pretty perfectly… but one piece of the puzzle was missing.

And then today I found it. A running trail.DSC02810-001It is flat, shaded, and quiet. I love it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!DSC02809And now I’m going to have to rank Brisbane ’13 as The Best Vacation Ever.

Other factors that went into this decision include bright, lively, and lovingly adorable company:_DSC0675-001x2:_DSC0671-001And, of course, good food. Last night Anthony “got out the ‘barbie,” Australian-style, to grill up his signature turkey burgers._DSC0657-002Stuff ’em in a bun and serve with a salad._DSC0662-002The fare was perfect for a night with friends.  (Yes, that’s Shane and Kristen! They live in Australia now. Small world.)P1010217Our little dinner party was so fun that we actually stayed up past 10 p.m.! More partying, less jetlag. Puzzle solved.

  • How do you get over jetlag?
  • What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
  • Do you prefer trails or sidewalks?


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