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Where to start?

1. The best company?

(Cutest soon-to-be nephew)_DSC0698(Anthony’s good friend, groomsman, and blog supporter!)_DSC07112. The delicious food?

(Beets and cabbage aren’t for old people you guys… they’re really good.)_DSC0694(Sausage and cheese? Um YES)_DSC0685(Minty melon)_DSC0681Or 3. the hilly, hot, and heart-pumping run?DSC02798(traffic coming from the opposite side!)DSC02796(my first 2013 sighting of an Australian brushturkey!)

DSC02801The answer is that it’s a tie for all three. Lined up back to back in a speedy fashion, which is pretty much the pace we’ve settled into here. So much fun to have, so little time!

  • What are three highlights from the past three days?
  • Have you ever ran into a wild animal on a jog or walk?
  • Favorite type of melon?

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  1. What are three highlights from the past three days?
    – Great Workouts
    – I made a really good dinner that I actually wrote down the recipe for so i can create it again
    – Weather has been mild and cool so running outside has been a blessing

    Have you ever ran into a wild animal on a jog or walk?
    – I actually ran into a group of deer – like 15 of them – who were not afraid of humans and walked right up to me.

    Favorite type of melon?
    – Watermelon

  2. 1) Baking cookies with my little guy 🙂
    2) Going on my 6 mile run Sunday with the bestie
    3) Grilling on the back deck with the hubby while sipping some blueberry beer 🙂

    I have seen lots of squirrels and chipmunks. We have turkeys in our yard all the time. The worst was when I saw a dead deer in the ditch as I was running by, it must have just been hit because in our town no one would leave an animal lying there for someone to find like that.

    I love cantaloupe!

    That beet and cabbage salad looked delicious!!

  3. FRD

    Do those brushturkeys fry up nicely ? Look a little on the skinny side but with enough Butt Rub I bet they would be tasty. Brisbane and the fam there are looooking fabo.

  4. We recently moved to the wilderness after living in the Boston area and I was terrified of the animals here! I’ve seen bald eagles, porcupines and I swear a black bear (but my husband doesn’t believe me 😉 !

  5. Looks like you’re having fun!
    1. Having lunch with close family friends (who are from FL).
    2. A great potroast dinner we made the other night.
    3. (Let’s make this one NOT about food…) The great workouts I’ve had!
    In our rural area, I’ve come across deer, turkeys, TONS of squirrels, I swear a coyote at one point, and some semi-wild (probably more like crazy) chickens that were in a tree.

  6. Chelsea

    1.) Hitting a regular four miles on my runs 😀
    2.) My hubby having the day off, so that we get to visit our college town for the afternoon and basically just spend the whole day together.
    3.) Being, OFFICIALLY, only 10 days out from my first 5K ever!

    This is a cool idea, and a wonderful post, Mary!

  7. Three highlights from past 3 days: Organising to go for a run with Mary while she’s here in Brisbane; Mountain biking a new trail this morning before work; Laughing with my sister last night when I visited her.

    I once was running around my parents’ when a wallaby (small kangaroo) ran into me. It was surprisingly painful.

    I love rock melon (I think they are also called cantelopes).

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