food masters

Our workout group is expanding! My other soon-to-be nephew joined Anthony and I this morning for a tough circuit courtesy of the Nike Training Club.
P1010211What a workout!

I think I mentioned this the other day, but Anthony’s family has Italian roots. Which means they are pizza masters. And masters of all food in generally, actually. This is not a problem.P1010201We ate about seven pizzas. My favorite? Carbs on carbs.P1010207I can’t wait until I have a real home and time to grow my own herbs. Fresh rosemary takes flavor to a whole other level. And cheese does too.P1010198Sticking with the Italian theme, today we are making cannoli from scratch! All this vacation-ing is hard work.

  • What type of cuisine does your family make?
  • Have you ever had potato pizza?
  • What’s your go-to workout app?

Of interest:





  1. Chelsea

    My family is REALLY big on the Mexican food, which is kind of odd for a family as white as we are.. 😉 lol. We also LOVE doing creole/southern food – my dad’s jambalaya is the food I would ask for if I ever needed to request a final meal! And we probably have fajitas at lease once a week.

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