what time is it

The Australians must have known we were coming. They put out all their street furniture just for me!

DSC02779Actually, it’s some sort of quarterly neighborhood bulk junk pickup day. The occasion made for a great run. DSC02781Though still a very sleepy run! I still have no idea what time or day it is… I am now posting this before I go to bed at 8 p.m. That was a long flight.DSC02780New shoes! Nike gave me a pair of Free 3’s for helping out with the Nike Women’s Half training program. They are super cute and comfortable, but I don’t think I’d run more than ten miles in them. Not enough structure, and too wide for narrow feet like mine.

Still, they handled Brisbane’s never-ending hills pretty well!DSC02782Don’t worry you guys… I have pictures of food for you too. Anthony’ mom is Italian, so get ready for a lot of delicious pictures over the next 10 days. This is what Australians call “slice,” sort of like what Americans call a “bar” or “bread” (as in the bread that’s not really bread, like banana bread):_DSC0682This kept us going during our 18-hour day.

_DSC0684Or at least it did until now. Goodnight!



      • I really liked (and miss!) the South Bank area – nice to walk around, lots of patios and if it is still there, a movie theatre that back 5 years ago was really cheap (well, compared to Canadian prices).

        You can also take the train to the Gold Coast and spend the time in the ocean – loved it there! A little touristy, but the beach is great. There are also lots of excusions that you can go on to see wildlife – I never made it to any of them, but a few friends did and said it was great.

        I even liked just going on the citycat and floating around the river 🙂

  1. Chelsea

    Man, that’s a bright blue couch! Part of me isn’t surprised to see it street-side! 🙂 Also very, very much impressed that you guys are out and running and being so productive (even taking pictures, lol!) so soon after landing! Kudos.

  2. Oh wow. Brisbane is where I live. How long are you here for?
    If you and Anthony would like to go for a run together with me, let me know. It would be kinda cool to meet a fellow running blogger from the other side of the world. I have Thursday this week off work so if you haven’t already been for a run along Southbank or Kangaroo Point (in the city), I’d love to play tour guide. I still have to do an 8km (5mile) and an 11km (7mile) run this week. I am slow (10-11 min/mile) but hey, sometimes it’s more about the social.

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