3 mattresses & 2 dressers

I was too busy talking about nachos yesterday, but I wanted to stop and say thank you to everyone who commented, called, tweeted, emailed, Facebook-ed, texted — you get the idea — me with good lucks and congrats on my marathon. It really, really meant a lot and I’m so honored and encouraged that people cared about my 26.2-mile adventure! Some people say that running is a solo sport, but I disagree. I felt like all my friends and family were jogging right beside me during every mile. Thank you.

And today, friends actually were jogging right beside me. “Ladies’ group” (we still need a name or something you guys) went out for a very slow, very short jog (because my hamstrings are still hurtin’). I’m grateful to have friends who run. We just get each other.IMG_0477The streets must have missed me during the taper/recovery period because people are dumping furniture everywhere. In less than five miles I spotted one dresser:IMG_0476Two mattresses, and another dresser:IMG_0478I missed you too, street furniture.

Thanks to DC Yoga Week, I was able to stretch it out last night for free! I headed to Embrace Yoga.IMG_0474This little studio on Columbia Rd. NW was really charming. My only complaint is that the sign-in desk and studio share the same room — so if a student comes in late, it really disrupts the class. Not that I really take yoga that seriously to where it would bother me, but you know. Some people really find their zen in the yoga world and get mad when people tamper with it.

But anyways, back to the class. It was a lot more challenging than I expected — in a good way! I broke a sweat and didn’t get bored, which are my two main criteria for yoga success.IMG_0473But really, back to the street. Just one more mattress:
IMG_0475-001And some more stuff. Anthony saw the DC bulk trash pickup men the other day, and took a picture of them because he knows my passion for junk. Just look at their bounty!20130429_083805I guess it’s the end/start of the month, so people are ending leases and tossing their stuff. Here’s to a furniture-filled May!

  • How long do you recover after a race?
  • Have you ever dumped stuff on the street?
  • Do many of your friends run?

Of interest:



  1. I take just a couple days after a half. I think I’ll probably take closer to a week after my first marathon. I have never dumped stuff on the street. You can’t really where I live. People would get mad. Lol. Most of my closest friends are runners and we run together frequently 🙂 Love the junk photos! too funny

  2. How long do you recover after a race?
    – I am the worst when it comes to stretching. I just never do it. So after a race I take advantage of the finish line area massages (if they are available) or I ask another runner for help. I am the weird person who will walk up and ask a complete stranger if i can use them for balance while I stretch. That and beer.

    Have you ever dumped stuff on the street?
    – Where I live bulk pick up is on Monday’s, so if I have something i drop it then. We’ve left mattresses, box springs, a lawnmower, a rusted out grill, broken vacuum, etc.

    Do many of your friends run?
    – Sadly no. I am a lone runner. My friends are very much the sit and watch 3 hours of Law and Order SVU group, and while I love a good marathon of Benson and Stabler, I prefer to watch it whilst running on a treadmill.

    Congrats again on your marathon!

  3. I like to take a solid week off because it means I have been training for a while and normally don’t give myself a ton of rest days during training. I dumped a nice sectional recently! But I put it by a dumpster : ) Finally unfortunately none of my friends are runners. LAME.

  4. Dawn H.

    After my last race (10 miler) I took about a week off, due to foot problems. After my first marathon last year, I took two solid weeks off. Street dumping, is that a thing in DC? Our apartment management gets mad whenever anybody tries to dump anything too big in their dumpster. But what else are we supposed to do with it? I have no running buddies yet 😦

  5. Chelsea

    I remember in my college town, everyone who was staying for the summer would pile in to vans/trucks/large cars and whatever and you’d cruise the street on pretty much every weekend in May because 1.) trash day was over the weekend 2.) all the students who were moving home for the summer tossed their junk. I’ve outfitted many an apartment with stuff I found that other people through out – a good febreezing/cleaning/dry cleaning is usually all it takes!

    Can’t wait to see your summer furniture adventures!

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