still celebrating

I’m still sore from race day, but the legs are slowly coming back to life!

In the meantime I am getting a good arm workout by doing nacho-to-guacamole lifts. Extend arm, lift nacho, dip, retract arm to mouth. Repeat x1,000.P1010181Nacho night was necessary because Penelope, Catherine, and I all wanted to celebrate our races! Penelope ran the Nike Women’s half marathon on Sunday and Catherine ran the Boston marathon the other week.  The three of us felt like pretty powerful ladies while we post-race partied at El Centro.P1010183And just because I can, here are more nachos.P1010182Eating pizza, nachos, and beer has been pretty fun the past couple days but I realize I can’t eat crap forever, unfortunately. So I hit up the salad bar to bring you this week’s lunch:
_DSC0692It’s called “buy all the veggies on sale and then buy all cheapest sources of protein at the store.” I came up with lettuce, celery, cucumber, red and yellow bell pepper… plus chickpeas ($0.79 cents), tuna ($2.50/big can), and eggs ($3.00/carton). And then I splurged on feta cheese and olives because I can’t live without them._DSC0687777I top a lot of my salads with this white wine vinegar/dijon combo that is sort of salty and creamy.

Since this is turning out to be a food-focused post, I’ll direct you to this recent Runner’s World article that discusses a recent study on carbohydrate deprivation and increased running performance. Sounds interesting but I think I could go for another plate of nachos. Have a good one!

  • What’s your favorite nacho topping?
  • Best salad dressing?
  • Since I’m recovering from race day, tell me about your run so I can live vicariously.

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  1. What’s your favorite nacho topping?
    – Oh My – Everything? it’s gotta be the works.

    Best salad dressing?
    – I make a homemade one with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, Mustard seeds, and a teensy bit of garlic

    Since I’m recovering from race day, tell me about your run so I can live vicariously.
    – Well today I am supposed to run 3.5 miles. That’s like your warm up right? 🙂

  2. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords

    Nachos are seriously my biggest weakness. Why are they so good??? My favorite topping is…. I don’t even know but I always appreciate when I have the opportunity to add corn to my nachos!

  3. Guac.

    If I’m behaving, balsamic vinegrette. If not, high quality ranch.

    I ran my first race ever on Saturday. Pleade read every sentence with sarcastc, dry humor, as I am in no way sad or upset about this. Back when I lived in Baltimore, I ran 4 miles at a solid 8.5 mpm pace 5 days a week. I had no idea what I was doing when I started (or when I stopped) but I was obsessed with that route. After moving to Charlottesville, I went on one run and wound up with crazy vertigo just minutes after I got home. I was down for two full weeks and never really got back in the swing. Lately I had been walking/jogging some and when I saw the post for a local (next door) high school band’s 5K, I decided I could totally hack that. I had three days to “train” but felt good about it. It was a small race, only 20 people. My goal was just not to finish last. And I didn’t. There were two people who literally walked every last meter and I beat them, but there were also 17 others who did beat me, and some of them were well over 60 years old. I realized in many ways competitive running totally robs the experience of everything I enjoy. Being an introvert, I enjoy running really only as a solitary activity. Further, I would gladly accept a challenge for something like music or games, but I felt absolutely no sense of accomplishment during or after the race. I’m sure I could get over that, and maybe all 17 people who beat me are well trained, highly experienced runners…but still. 70 year olds! So I think for now I will remain content to race only myself, and maybe one day I will grace te course once more.

  4. Dawn H.

    Nacho topping – sour cream!

    I love vinaigrettes, and I recently discovered a Sundried Tomato one at Target that I love (surprisingly so, because it’s like 20 cal/ tbsp so I thought it would taste like watery vinegar).

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