mmm carbs

It’s almost race day, guys! The taper has been really difficult. All this sitting and eating… what a tough life!

Luckily I have a great support group. Anthony and I went on a lovely double date last night with Will and Kristen. Awwww.

2013-04-26It was pretty adorable but let’s move on to the food. Himalayan Heritage is one of Anthony and my favorite restaurants in town. It never disappoints.

Samosas:P1010169Sizzling tandoori:P1010172And the most important components: NAANP1010171and BEER. (Yes, from Brewer’s Art!)P1010166-001It was fabulous.

I think I read somewhere that the meal TWO nights before the marathon is the most important, not the meal the night before. This Run Washington article goes over the basics of carb loading and suggests to eat small increments of carbs throughout the week instead of stuffing your face with pasta the night before. This Runner’s World article suggests you start increasing carbs two to three days before the race. Looks like I’ve mastered the taper… let’s see if I can master the race!

See you guys in Gettysburg, and good luck to all the Nike Women’s Half Marathon runners!

  • What are your carb loading tricks?
  • Do you drink the day/week before a race?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?





  1. Chelsea

    I’ve never wanted to take a bite out of my computer as badly as when I saw that naan picture! Looks like a pretty darn good place to prep for the race 😉 good luck!!

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