rested and reflective

And so today begins The Taper. Which means zero of anything! Except for coffee._DSC0685and cookies._DSC0682When it’s time for chocolate chip cookies, I don’t mess around. I make this recipe every time and it blows people away. When more than 7,000 people on recommend something, I do what they say!_DSC0681Other than baking, I don’t know what exactly I’ll fill my free time with over the next three days of tapering. Apologies in advance for the randomness that you might see on the blog as I try to fill my time!

Let’s quickly recap why sitting on my butt and eating cookies for three days is actually going to help me run a marathon. Just like I need an exact number of AllRecipes reviews to convince me something’s good, I need to see the science of tapering to convince me that three days of rest is also good.

So. There’s a scientific review of 50 studies on tapering (which unfortunately is not available for free, but a Runner’s World summary is) which comes to the conclusion that the taper helps you restore glycogen, enzymes, antioxidants, and hormones which were lost during training. Your body also recovers strength and your immune system gets a boost. In the end, your healthier, rested self runs about 3% faster than your tired, overtrained self. Which translates into 5-10 minutes in a marathon.

Some quotes I found particularly relevant :

  • Runners have to understand that they won’t be fat by Thursday or lose their fitness by Sunday.” — Runner’s World
  • It’s too late to improve your marathon performance, but there’s plenty of time to mess it up.” The Guardian Runner’s Blog
  • During this final week, you can’t under-do. You can only overdo.” — Runner’s World

Well, if you say so. Looks like I’m staying out of my Tempo shorts till Sunday!

But maybe I can still take a jog… a jog of my memory, that is. I actually lived 23 years before I started writing this blog… I know, crazy. Let’s go back to the fall of 2009, when I ran through the most beautiful trails on the other side of the world.100_9968I spent four months in Europe, three of which were in the little town of Norwich, England. It was beautiful.100_9965In addition of providing amazing, lush trails to run amongst, England also provided a lot of rain. Today I’m a much more resilient rain runner than I was before my English experience! I can also drink a lot more pint-sized beers thanks to England, but that is another story.

I even ran alongside live horses. Say what.100_9963I always like to run when I travel. It’s a good way to find time to reflect as well as explore your new surroundings. Just make sure to take a map with you :).

If you’re running this morning, run for me! I am cheering for you from my bed, in my PJs.

  • Do you struggle with tapering?
  • Have you ever lived abroad?
  • Do you like horses? (I’m sort of scared of them, I don’t know how/why I took this photo)

Of interest:






  1. pickyrunner

    Ewww taper. Join the club girl. Yesterday’s aqua jogging sucked. And left me absolutely starving even though it’s barely a workout. At least it’s only short term! And it WILL make us better.

  2. I have never run a marathon but I will do baby tapes. I have a 10k on Saturday and will be lifting weights today, I have a soccer game, and then Friday nada. Soccer has a way of sneaking in two days before races lately. Oh well. I think my legs will enjoy the day off. They have been feeling like they weigh a million lbs lately!

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