chicken salad/silence

This week I made a curried chicken salad recipe I found through Twitter/the blog world.

_DSC0677I used pecans instead of almonds and upped the amount of grapes… but other than that, stuck to the recipe! It’s pretty tasty! And simple. Just chicken, Greek yogurt, nuts, grapes, celery, and spices.saladI put it atop a bed of lettuce or between two slices of bread. Perfect.

The white house is looking pretty perfect today, too.DSC02772-001The (reduced) ladies’ group set out for a morning jog. My final route before my race! Miriam and Leah, we need to come up with a name for our group because “ladies’ group” just doesn’t serve us justice.DSC02773-001Other than that I just spent 20 minutes and lots of money upgrading my data limit on this blog so I can keep providing quality, sweaty photos of me and my friends to you guys. The sacrifices I make!

I think after my epic post on marathon training weight yesterday my brain cells have gone silent. No other thoughts for now other than I hope you have a perfect morning, too.

  • Which is better: tuna salad or chicken salad?
  • Do you belong to a running group/club?
  • Do you pack or buy your lunch?

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  1. pickyrunner

    We all have those days where there isn’t much to say. It doesn’t happen often for me but I totally understand it πŸ™‚

  2. I love chicken salad. Your salad looks delicious!! I don’t belong to a running group, but there is a local one I’ve been thinking of joining. I always pack my lunch and maybe splurge twice a month on lunch out.
    Good luck at your race!!

  3. Which is better: tuna salad or chicken salad?
    -Chicken! I am totally trying that recipe! Looks awesome!

    Do you belong to a running group/club?
    – No but I want to. I live too far from DC (suburbs in VA) to participate in the DC ones which seem to be the best, and the most frequent in the area

    Do you pack or buy your lunch?
    – Pack Monday through Thursday, and the Friday my coworkers and I go out for Chipotday (Chipotle Friday’s!)

  4. I’m nearing my limit too, wahhh. Good luck this weekend!!
    1 – I don’t really like tuna salad or chicken salad, not a mayo / greek yogurt kind of gal.
    2 – I belong to a small running group but nothing super fancy!
    3 – pack! I love crockpotting large amounts of meat and then using it with salads all week!

  5. Secret confession time – I’m not a fan of mayo based (or I guess in this case yogurt based) salads. To me, if it’s a “salad”, it should start with some form of lettuce. Plus cold pasta has always kind of weirded me out.

    I’m still on the lookout for a running group in the area – we have one, but they run at times that are basically completely opposite to my schedule :/ of course, lol.

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