Morning!DSC02767It’s a glorious day for a run, you guys. If your air is a fresh as DC’s, you should drop what you’re doing and go outside. DSC02763Just a few more runs before race day. I can’t believe it!

One thing I’m really looking forward to after my race (other than eating a whole pizza and taking a 3-hour nap) is buying new running shoes. I’m going to give my Brooks PureConnects one final 26.2 miles and then give them a goodbye. They are ready for retirement.

I got so excited thinking about new shoes that I interviewed two local running stores about the best kicks for the season. It’s published on ActiveLife DC! You can read it here.

Last night the girls’ group got together for one of our famous potluck dinners. Leah whipped up a Thai tofu quinoa masterpiece, recipe courtesy of Channeling Contessa. Miriam and I donated some sides (yep, that’s my homemade hummus) for a coincidentally vegetarian feast. A big win!IMG_0459By the way, if you’re curious about tofu, I just found this table which compares the nutritional values of grilled chicken and tofu. Basically, tofu has fewer calories, less fat, and less protein than chicken.

A sweet display yo end the night — which was bittersweet, because the night also ended in goodbyes. IMG_0460Mercedes is moving across the country! She has been a fabulous friend and member to the ladies’ group… I think we are looking for a replacement but have low hopes that anyone will be able to contribute such good spirits and good cookies as she does.IMG_0463Have a sweet day.

  • Do you eat tofu often?
  • How often do you buy running shoes?
  • What’s the highlight of your day so far?!

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  1. olivetorun

    LOVE brooks running shoes! 🙂 When I’m training for a marathon I get new ones at the start and then retire them after the race. I have others I use for classes and “fun” 🙂

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