breaking rug updates

Happy weekend!

I started letting loose at exactly noon yesterday when my coworkers and I decided to eat lunch from a truck. IMG_0449DC has a decent food truck scene (that is a little high-drama right now) that’s perfect for those days when you’re like, “You know what? Screw it. I’m buying lunch today.” I don’t know if buying your lunch is really that big a deal to people but it is to me because I always pack mine. Anyways that was a rant. Let’s just focus on the food.

I got meatballs. Meatballs, sitting pretty atop a pillowy glop of mascarpone polenta and nestled up against buttery, bacon-y collard greens. Consumed with a plastic fork off my lap. The end.IMG_0450Then it was time for drinks with the DC Road Runners!P1010146We had a great turnout. Our club had about 30 members at Boston, all of which thankfully arrived home safe and sound.

Nothing gets us more excited than new singlets. Don’t you think Anthony would look awesome in this skimpy, sleek tank?P1010149… and since we were in Courthouse, we had to go back to Minh’sP1010157We were feeling adventurous and tried out two new dishes instead of going for our usual (pho). One was vermicelli, which is basically pho without broth (above), and the second was a “half moon crepe,” which was basically…

a deep fried monster that was larger than my head.P1010155An interesting meal for sure but I think we will stick to pho in the future.

Sorry guys, this post still isn’t over yet. I have to talk about running!

All the fried food, meatballs, and beer was an excellent decision because I had to run 13 miles today. I ran five solo and got to run by this rug on New Hampshire Ave. twice.DSC02762I’m going to check on it later this week to see if anyone claims it. It’s been there for about three days to my knowledge. Minutes per mile, your #1 source for abandoned rug news.

Anyways. Then I joined the Nike Women’s Group for eight miles along to Mt.Vernon trail plus my favorite detour: Teddy Roosevelt Island! It’s just so lush. DSC01028It was a windy but wonderful jog and it was bittersweet to finish my last mile with Penelope. We’ve had some quality jogs together over the past eight weeks! At the end we posed with these Nike Women’s Half race tees, I’m not sure why.DSC02761Now it’s time to get my hair cut for the first time in nine months. Then I’m going to look for more meatballs. Have a good weekend!

  • Does your town have food trucks?
  • Are you running any races soon?
  • Do you have any advice on the best Vietnamese dishes to order out?





  1. I am the same way with lunch!! I always pack, I think I have gone out once or twice since I started the job I am in August. Before that I don’t think I ever went out to lunch at my previous job. Crazy! I work right in courthouse and there are a ton of trucks, there is a donut truck that comes through and I have stopped there 2x and holy smokes are their donuts amazing!!! I am running a 10k on Saturday and I am kind of nervous because I did a Tough Mudder yesterday and then ran over 7 miles today for a memorial run, needless to say I am bruised and soreeeeee, I can show you some of my wounds tomorrow : )

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