Look who’s back, you guys! It’s my fiancé._DSC0682-001Per our tradition, I tried to cook Anthony a really fantastic meal for his first night back in the US. Like usual I picked two overly complicated recipes that took hours to prepare. I have a problem. But anyways, I was 1 for 2… that’s not so bad, right?

In honor of my Czech roots, I tried to make a dinner just like my grandma did! The first dish — cabbage rolls — was a success:cabbageThe second dish — pierogies — was, well, sort of a failure. My pierogies exploded upon cooking and there was dough and potato everywhere! We just sort of dumped it all on a plate and called it “modern.” My grandma would have laughed so hard seeing this. _DSC0678-001This is what a plate of pierogies should look like, by the way. They’re sort of like dumplings. Yep, potato-stuffed dough. Carbs tucked within carbs? Doesn’t get better than that.121Anyways, pierogie problems aside, it was still the best meal I’ve had in ten days because Anthony was here to share it with me!

Enough of the cheesiness, though. Let’s RUN.IMG_0440Today I tackled a few miles in really refreshing, dewy air. Then it was time to lift things and jump around at CrossFit. By the end of the morning the dewy-ness had just turned to drizzly-ness. Good thing I wore a 100% fluorescent outfit to brighten things up.IMG_0444

CrossFit is fun — but lately, with all the marathon training I’ve been struggling to find an hour+ to dedicate to it three times a week. So I’ve been really into these quick cross-training workouts that range from 15-45 minutes. Some favorite on-the-go workouts:

  • Nike Training Club app: Amazing. Free, 15- to 60-minute workouts that are laid out really nicely, explained (with video!), available on your phone, and require little equipment.
  • Yogadownload.com: Not free, but very cheap yoga routines that range from beginner to advanced. The workouts get as specific as “hip-opening yoga,” “yoga for athletes,” etc. so you can really target a stretch that you need most. Routines range from 15 to 90 minutes.
  • Corrie Anne and Nicole also have great libraries of DIY CrossFit-like workouts that usually include links to explanatory videos and don’t last more than 45 minutes or so.

Thoughts still going out to Boston… and Texas. Here’s to brighter days.

  • What color workout gear do you like wearing?
  • Where are your ancestors from?
  • What’s your favorite carb?


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