good news and genetics

People still have to go about their normal ways.IMG_0438

Not quite sure what this is, but I’m guessing a futon topper?

Focusing on the good news of the day: Anthony’s on a flight HOME, and I ran my last weekday double-digit run for the near future. First three miles with quiet thoughts.IMG_0432Next three with Leah — who turned the tables on me and made me pose for a glam shot.IMG_0434Last four solo again.

Yesterday and today I’ve been really aware that I just love running. I know some people dread lacing up their shoes to walk out the door (and don’t get me wrong, there are days when I’m less thrilled to hit the streets than usual) but in general, I never completely dread heading out for a jog. I’m happy — and this week, very proud — to run.

But why? I actually don’t really know how or why I love to run. I just do. Today, I came across this New York Times article which discusses the possibility that some people might be genetically inclined toward exercise. Apparently a group of scientists recently tested this theory by breeding  a “lazy” group of rats and a “running” group of rats. The running group was 10x more likely to spontaneously exercise (run on a wheel) than the lazy group.

“…findings suggest that the desire to be active or indolent is, to some extent, inherited… the runners in this experiment did seem to enjoy running, while rats in the other group appeared to want to avoid it.”

Hmm. In addition to running, one thing I have a taste for is strawberries. Probably my favorite fruit._DSC068sdf5This week’s (seasonal!) salad: spinach, goat cheese, STRAWBERRIES, chicken, pecans._DSC34230681To make the chicken, I marinated the chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, and champagne vinegar for a couple hours, then baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. I’d also recommend toasting your pecans and dressing it with straight-up balsamic vingar._DSC0633378

Stay positive, people.

  • What’s your good news today?
  • Do you enjoy running?
  • Favorite fruit?

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  1. Nice photos! I definitely love to run- once I wrote a paper about a topic like that. It was interesting and very telling as to why some people just don’t like to exercise or run.
    Good news? I’m trying a run this evening. Fingers crossed everything feels ok!
    Fave fruit? Raspberries and pineapple!

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  3. Mary that salad looks AMAZING. Good news today is my new roommate is moving in and we can finally tackle organizing and decorating common areas, my apartment has looked pretty lonely outside of my bedroom! I really do love running now, I didn’t used to but I did it enough that now I enjoy it!

    Favorite fruit is… MANGO!! I eat apples on the regular but mangos are a special treat!

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