free workouts and 12 doughnuts

The best things in life are free, right?!

Yesterday I got to stretch and sweat for a total of $0. First I went on my last run of the week (to hit my weekly goal total of 70 miles! Phew!)IMG_0422And then tried to make my joints happy again at Epic Yoga.IMG_0428I heard there was a free class. And when I hear “free” I am there. It was an awesome studio — spacious, sunlit, welcoming. Plus they have a ton of little perks like free tea, a full locker room, free rental mats, and free storage cubbies (with locks!). See the theme here? FREE.

IMG_0427The instructor, Aeriele, was really positive and encouraging. Plus, she’s a physical therapist which means she knows her stuff. Also it looks like she took a photo of my class during savasana and then posted us to Facebook which is…. modern (I’m in the corner so you can’t see me!).

Today is ZERO running for me as the taper begins… though I did make it to CrossFit. My shoulders are on fire!DSC02755-001BUT for some of my friends, it’s a big day for running! Today is the Boston Marathon, y’all!

I’ll take the opportunity to reflect on when I ran Boston two years ago. To sum it up in a few words: Tough, exciting, crowded, emotional, tiring, fun, and expensive. bostonI was psyched for the race, but had overtrained (I think I did like 6 or more 20+mile runs) and was not prepared for the long wait or low temperatures at the start line. I sat in a shivering ball at the top of Hopkinton hill for about 1.5 hours before I started running. Also, someone set our fire alarm off in the hotel the night before the race so I ran this insanely difficult 26.2 mile course on approximately 75 minutes of sleep.  Definitely not ideal race conditions for me and I cried for about three miles straight as my quads slowly and painfully shred with each foot fall. Ouch.

BUT it was still an awesome experience because 1) it was BOSTON, duh! and 2) my family and Anthony came to cheer for me! Thanks guys!boston2And because this has been such a fitness-focused post, let’s take a breather and revel in a dozen doughnuts.donutsMy coworkers were finally able to snag a box from Astro Doughnuts, Downtown’s newest doughnut spot that has had a line out the door since it opened last week. Madness. Also I prefer the spelling “donut” over “doughnut” but since these were so delicious (yes, those are bacon sprinkles you see in the top right corner) I will submit to Astro’s preferred spelling.

Have a sweet day — and good luck to all you marathoners!

  • Have you ever run Boston or have a goal to?
  • If you could eat any of the doughnuts above which one would you pick (flavors are, L to R: glazed, maple bacon, creme brulée, Boston cream, bourbon pecan, and lemon passionfruit)
  • What’s the most important feature of a yoga studio to you?

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  1. Bourbon Pecan!! Then probably a maple bacon just for good measure… I have never ran Boston nor do I care to. I am doing a marathon this year and I doubt I will want to again. I like 10 miles, anything more than that just sounds so aggressive.

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