we ran the red line

Oh hey, weekend. You’re here! Yippee!

I was supposed to meet up with a trainee for an early morning long run today, but she partied too hard last night and informed me at 6 a.m. that she couldn’t make it. Life happens! Ha.

Since I was awake and ready to go I decided to just get it over with. My last long-ish run, completely solo. I didn’t know where to go because I feel like I have run every street in DC about 1,000 times this week… so I started at the zoo. It’s where I go where I don’t know where to go. The animals bring me peace and the massive hill makes the rest of any route feel better.

Omg, you guys. Look, there is COLOR in this picture. Spring.IMG_0407So then I hit Connecticut St. and thought, you know, I wonder how far this road goes and where it ends up. So I just started running. First I passed Cleveland Park:IMG_0414And then had another brilliant idea: Let’s run the red line. “Let’s” as in me + the voices in my head.circmetro2largeAfter Cleveland Park comes Van Ness. Shocking. Unbelievable.IMG_0413After Van Ness — still on Connecticut — I hit Chevy Chase, which sadly does not get a metro stop BUT is important because it means I ran to Maryland! The land of me!!!!!!!!!IMG_0410I’m sorry this is such a lame post/route, if you are bored please scroll to the end of this post where there are french fries and beer.

Anyways, unfortunately after 7 miles, Connecticut Avenue basically turns into an interstate. Good to know, right? So I had to turn around early (I was hoping I could make it to 8!). Which means I got to pass the metro strops I already passed and then run even FARTHER down the red line into DC.

Next up was Woodley Park:IMG_0415And then Dupont.IMG_0417I somehow still had to kill a few miles before I could hit 16, so I ran around Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan for a bit and weaved my way through brunch-ers and walk-of-shame-ers before my Garmin gave its final beep. 16. Done.

I was super hungry when I got back yet thought of sitting at a 90-degree angle just didn’t sound comfortable. What a dilemma!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that many exclamation points.

So I ate breakfast while laying on the floor. I can’t believe I turned into a person that puts ketchup on my eggs… I would have never done this if it weren’t for Anthony!IMG_0418Speaking of which, I really miss him! Here’s a fond memory of us eating steak, shrimp, and six desserts in one sittingMA7Good times.

Anywhoodle, it was a good/uneventful long run and I took it easy to get through the miles. My legs are tired from this long week, but I think/hope it will all pay off come race day!

And as promised… here’s your beer + fries.2013-04-12Last night I met up with Catherine at our favorite bar — Southern Hospitality.P1010138She is running Boston on Monday so I helped her pysch herself up and carb load! She is going to kill it, I know. P1010140I clearly haven’t spoken to anyone all day yet so forgive my ramblings on this post and let me buy you some fries next time you’re in town to make up for it.

  • Big question: sweet potato or regular fries?!
  • What/when was your last long run?
  • Are you or anyone you know running Boston?


  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Yay for spring!! I love your idea to run the red line… and all the photos along the way. Best of luck to your friend- Boston is so exciting!

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  3. Hey I though it was interesting that you ran the red line! I used to live on it in Silver Spring, ohhh MD.

    Sweet potato fries all the way. I ran 10 miles at Fountainhead on Sunday. And nope, none of my friends are running this year!

    Great job with the last long run!!!

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