goodbye track

This is the last time I’ll be seeing you for a while, track.IMG_0403I was pretty psyched to check off my last track workout for the near future. I have a love/hate relationship with endless track-lapping so it’s always a little more difficult to motivate myself when it comes to track workouts.

But today, I had the track all to myself and shared some time with the sunrise.IMG_0401I did 8x800s, and hung around 3:20 – 3:30 for most of them. I would have liked to be closer to consistent 3:20s, but I’ve got to remember that I’m on mile 50-something for the week and that it is suddenly 90 degrees out.

Speaking of 90 degrees, Anthony and I just bought tickets to a 98 degrees, boyz II men, and new kids on the block concert! We can’t wait. 98+Degrees+and+Rising+98degreesBut anyways, back to my thrilling running route. Does anyone live near or in Columbia Heights, and if so, could you explain this intersection to me? I think in my 3+ years of living near this intersection it still makes no sense to me. I never get the walk signal and there are always cars coming from 10 directions and teenagers and moms with babies and people with groceries and some gangsters and then me, just jogging, all of us trying to make our way. I never get it.

IMG_0404Even though Northwest DC has a special place in my heart, I also love exploring Virginia. Yesterday an article I wrote about it got published on Thriive — you can check it out here!

I find that hanging out with other running enthusiasts helps me stay motivated for training. Which is why I was excited to attend a Nike event at Georgetown Running last night!DSC02733The Nike team was supporting the Nike Women’s Half Marathon trainees and local community by giving us samples, food, and showing off their products.DSC02737The coolest thing I learned was about the Nike Training Club App. It’s a really neat (and free!) app for your phone that has a bunch of 10-30 minute mini workouts for you to do on the go. Most of the beginner/intermediate workouts rely on your own body weight or basic weights and dumbbells, which means you can the workouts at home or at a simple gym. Score.DSC02734I also discussed my Nike+ Sportwatch with the staff and some of my thoughts on it so far (especially compared to my Garmin). I’m going to keep playing with it for a few more weeks before I give a big review! How’s THAT for suspense?!

  • What health/fitness apps do you use?
  • Do you love or hate the track/speedwork?
  • What’s for lunch today?

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  1. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords

    I enjoy the track because as soon as I step on it I can feel relief in my joints. Other than that the going around, and around gets to be a little boring. I only use mapmyrun, but my co-blogger, Sarah, swears by the Nike Training Club app.

    • Yeah, I have heard that the Nike Run App (different than the Training Club App) does a pretty good job for a phone GPS running tracker — personally, though, I don’t use my phone as a GPS tracker because it’s not as accurate as a GPS-enabled watch like the Nike+ Sportwatch or my Garmin

  2. That intersection looks awful! I stick to Mt.Vernon and the Custis Trail for the most part in VA. I try to avoid drivers as much as possible!

    Lunch today is a salad: kale, chia, chicken, bell pepper, avocado, and homemade dressing, YUM

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