How’s your Tuesday? Mine’s pretty blue so far. But not blue as in sad. Blue as in blue.IMG_0392And let’s just take the opportunity, shall we?

And my Tuesday is spicy. Last night I made this gumbo and my body is still in flames on the inside I think. I don’t know what got into me when I chose this recipe because it took me approximately four hours to cook. Also I have about seven gallons of gumbo so if anyone in the DC area would like to come over and take home a bucket let me know._DSC0678

Not that I’m complaining! It was pretty tasty although quite fiery. I served it over brown rice and did not use a cup of olive oil as the recipe (insanely?!) calls for — I used a half cup and it was plenty oily for me._DSC0679Back to running. This week is my last high mileage week and then I am DONE with the intense training! I covered 10.5 miles and the highlight of the run was definitely when I ate my first bug of the season around mile 7. A little gnat flew right into my mouth. LOVE IT.

IMG_0396The perks of running double-digit miles before work include getting to watch the sunrise every morning.IMG_0397As well as get first dibs on street furniture. Check out this nice ottoman on Euclid and Ontario NW! It comes with clothes, VHS tapes, and old books as well.IMG_0398Another highlight of my run was picking up the pace for 3.2 miles as part of Abby’s KickAss 5k! I can feel that I’m getting faster after putting in so  many miles over the past few weeks and hope I continue to stay strong for this last bit of training. More to come on that later because unfortunately the real world is calling my name and I have to go embrace it now.

Have a good day!

  • Do you like spicy foods?
  • Which is prettier: sunrise or sunset?
  • Have you ever run a 5k or a “virtual” race?




  1. That gumbo looks delicious! I LOVE spicy foods. I dont think I can decide between sunrise/sunset being prettier… But if I really had to – sunsets in the summer are gorgeous. I have run quite a few 5ks in my hometown area and I did my first virtual one this year – the Running with Spatulas 5k and the Jelly Bean 5k.

  2. Awesome job! How early do you run / when do you get to work? I am thinking I may need to shift my schedule some days to run before work instead of at lunch. My lunch run today was 80s and as sunny as can be. Seeing as tomorrow is 90 I am not jazzed about a hilly 5 miler at noon. FAIL.

    Love spicy food, I’m in arlington so feel free to send some my way. I prefer sunrises (and long walks on the beach).

    • I get up early. Alarm at 5 and out the door by 5:30/5:45 on days when I have longer runs planned! I try to be home by 7:30 and out the door again by 8:30 to catch the bus and be at work by 9. Phew. I just got tired writing that.

      I know, it’s HOT out today! Cheers to you for jogging in this sudden heat. If you ever want to get together for gumbo — or perhaps more seasonally appropriate, froyo — let me know! 🙂

  3. Your first picture is so pretty. I love both sunrises and sunsets–they are so different. At my house the sunsets are more visible, we have a bunch of trees on the east side of our house.

    I haven’t done a virtual race…it could be fun though.

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