pesto, mattresses, springtime

You guys, big news: I think spring is here! Finally!IMG_0382I was in bliss for all 9.5 miles this morning. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. But the 55-degree temps and tree blossoms did help pass the time and keep my knuckles and nose from freezing off for once which was nice.

IMG_0384Even though it is a beautiful day out, I’m still bummed because Anthony is leaving today for a week-long trip to Vietnam! Nooooooooo. It’s okay though, because I have lots of girlfriends and plenty of miles to keep me busy for the week.IMG_0386Last night we tried out a new dish:

IMG_0380It’s a Morrocan couscous/pesto creation that we snagged from one of our favorite recipe books!IMG_0381Which apparently we didn’t need to buy because the recipe we used is available for free on the interwebs. Ha! We stuck to the recipe except added chickpeas for a bit more boost. Very different, but pretty good according to our very mature and delicate palates. (And yes, when referring to your taste palate, you spell it like that. A painting palette is spelled different!) I think we gave it an 8 out of 10.

And because it’s Monday, here’s some junk from the weekend. A little reading material, plus a sneak peek at Anthony’s new Brooks PureCadence 2 shoes!IMG_0378I have the Brooks PureConnects 1 and am excited to move on to the 2-series once I wear mine out 🙂

And here are some floral mattresses and a couch.IMG_0389It’s gonna be a good week, I can tell already.

  • What type of running shoes do you have?
  • Have you ever made your own pesto?
  • What’s your favorite season for running?

Of interest:



  1. Lauren @ LaurenPhelpsCoaching

    Wow! That Moroccan dish looks amazing! Your “junk” pics are cracking me up! I got rid of some junk this weekend. It feels soooo good! Any season with 70 degree weather is favorite running season. In Memphis, that could be any time of the year! Have a fabulous day!

  2. Love the old lady furniture! I am running on Nikes right now. I will be sacrificing one of my two pairs (the older) to a tough mudder on the 20th and at that point I will buy a new pair, I’m not sure what yet. I kind of love my shoes but think it may be time for a change. My favorite season to run in DC is definitely spring / fall. The summers here are BRUTALLY hot. BTW I am doing an 11 miler on Sunday AM at Fountainhead Regional if you care to join!

    • Nikes are always the best-looking shoes, but they’re usually too wide for my foot! I’m jealous you’re running in them! Ah, Fountainhead would be great but Fairfax is pretty far from where I’m located (and I don’t have a car!). If you’re ever running in the district, though, let me know!

      • I love having the extra room up front for my feet, I find I don’t blister, just callous. I had mizunos for a while but eventually they had to be retired because of a mudder! I’m stuck doing trail running for a while but once my race is over (june 1st) I will be marathon training so I will definitely be making my way into the district!

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