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Happy weekend!

Mine has been full of running and eating like usual. Yesterday featured a three-hour, 24-mile run and a two-hour, 100-bottle wine tasting with a one-hour nap in between. Doesn’t get better than that, right?

Starting with the run. I set out a little bit after 7 a.m. to catch empty streets and the sunrise.IMG_0367I did the first 11 miles solo, and checked out the National Mall to see if the cherry blossoms were out (almost!)IMG_0372A loop around my favorite running spot, Teddy Roosevelt Island:IMG_0370Then, I met up with the Nike Women’s group for some company. Unfortunately nobody was in my pace range this week, but I still ran four or so miles with some ladies at a 9:30 pace which was a nice break.

I was feeling really great until mile 15-18, when my legs and stomach were just like, “Mary, I’m tired and queasy.” And I was like, “Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have done CrossFit and eaten 5lb of Mexican food last night?”

Yep, this happened…. and it was so good!

P1010111But anyways, back to the run! After a bathroom break, a pineapple-flavored Gu, and a new Spotify station at mile 18, I felt better and confident to tackle the last six miles.

I was doing an out-and-back on the Capital Crescent trail — which, if you run far enough north on, takes you to Bethesda Maryland and through this scary movie-like tunnel. Spoooky!!
IMG_0373I don’t know what got into me — actually, I am pretty sure it was exhaustion mixed with endorphins and a slight downhill route — but I got the runner’s high around mile 21 and zoomed through the last three miles at an 8:10ish pace. IMG_0376Though I am known to eat egg sandwiches on the sidewalks after big runs, yesterday I didn’t feel very hungry yet so I got a coconut water to hold me over on the walk/bus ride home.

IMG_0377All in all it was a really good run. I did it on tired legs and an achy back (thanks, CrossFit!), which means that come race day, I should be feeling pretty great given that I will have rested properly and probably not eaten a mountain of beans and cheese beforehand. Can’t wait.

A couple people have asked me why I chose to peak at 24 miles before my marathon instead of 21 or 22, which are more typical peak run lengths. The answer is, I don’t really have an answer! I don’t know if running 24 will make me more fit, physically, on race day; but mentally, I feel like 24 benefitted me.  I feel more confident about the race now, knowing that I just knocked out a run only 2.2 miles shy of a full marathon pretty easily. I mean, as “easy” as 24 miles can be I guess. Ha.

Anywho, once that massive list item was checked off it was time to embrace Massive Saturday Part II: wine tasting!P1010113Anthony and I went to LivingSocial’s Drink the District event in Navy Yard. After walking 2 miles to find it (which I am going to factor into my mileage yesterday and thus pronounce I did in fact complete a marathon!) we were happy to taste a LOT of wine.P1010116There were hundreds of wine samples available. We did our best, but definitely didn’t drink them all!P1010119My appetite kicked in around 5 p.m. and there I was, stuffing my face with cheese-and-butter-slathered popcorn. (Side note: I still had the crazies from my epic run and decided to straighten my hair yesterday too). P1010124Some people recommend dark chocolate, gourmet meats, or aged cheese with wine, but I think greasy popcorn is definitely the most sophisticated way to go. To avoid getting cheesy and buttery hands, I also recommend pouring the popcorn directly from bag to mouth.

I hope you enjoyed this XL-sized post, and are doing epic things this weekend!

  • What’s the longest long run you do when training for a marathon?
  • Favorite popcorn flavor?
  • Do you have a Spotify account with good running songs? If so let me know and I will follow you! 🙂




  1. Congrats on your awesome epic run yesterday! It looks like it was a great route. I did 17 miles yesterday for the first time ever (yay!) and I’m planning to peak at either 22 or 24. It seems like reaching 24 would be a great psychological boost. Oh and I know what you mean re: Mexican food.The other day I had a massive burrito for lunch then tried to go on a run after work. I felt so weighed down and nauseous… but no regrets! haha Just have to make sure not to make it a pre-race dinner. Anyway, can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes! 🙂

    • Ohh, good luck with your training! It’s so exciting training for your first marathon because every weekend you run the farthest you have run EVER. So cool. Yeah, we’ll see how 24 treats me come race day… haha, no burritos the night before I promise!

  2. Chelsea

    Dang, Mary! Talk about an epic day – huge run, lotsa wine…what more could you ask for! Looks like you had an awesome day, and for the record, I really like the straight hair! 🙂

  3. Awesome run Mary!! I love the TR Island too and it is a favorite for breaking up runs! For your questions…. I do not start marathon training until June, my longest training run to date is 13.1 miles! Popcorn… butter or boyscout. You know those massive tins with the 4 kinds of popcorn? That is my favorite. I use Pandora not spotify!

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