walking, running, sriracha-ing

Now that Lent is over, I can show you beautiful pictures of food you can only find at a restaurant!P1010080Anthony and I had a tough time deciding what our first meal out would be, but we love pho so much that it wasn’t too difficult to pick. P1010076Just like last time, Minh’s didn’t disappoint!P1010083We love Minh’s because you can always get a table and the food is awesome. The pho has only white meat and plenty of it. Anthony is actually leaving for Vietnam next week for work and this meal helped pump him up fo’ lotsa pho.P1010081I’ve never really known what the sauces presented with pho actually were. Did you? Just looked it up and it’s hoisin sauce (also known as duck sauce) and sriracha sauce. My favorite soup has now become slightly less mysterious but still super delicious.

We ventured out to Minh’s because we wanted to explore the neighborhood of Courthouse (where we might move after the big day!). Now that I know Courthouse has no shortage of street furniture, I’m sold.IMG_0348We ended up strolling around Courthouse for almost two hours looking at apartments and popping into stores. It was a great walk and a good way to get in a bit of exercise on a Sunday!

However, according to Runner’s World, it looks like running has a slight advantage over walking in terms of risk reduction for hypertension and depression. Some Australians did a study comparing women who only walked to women who only jogged, and the joggers were a bit more fit and happy, apparently. Of course, both groups were fitter and happier than the group that did neither activity 🙂

Good thing I’m keeping my spirits extra high by running, then.IMG_0359I popped by to visit the Prez this morning. His lights were on at 6 a.m.! I wonder what keeps him so busy.IMG_0360Then I met up with Anthony for a bit of CrossFit.IMG_0361Fitting in all of the marathon training miles and still making time for cross training is getting pretty difficult both logistically and physically… but I only have to push through for another week and a half! Staying strong!

  • What time do you start work?
  • Are you one of those people that puts sriracha sauce on everything?
  • What was your run like this morning?

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  1. I don’t put siracha sauce on much, but that Cholula sauce…just call me it’s primary investor 🙂 I used to be GREAT about getting up at 7:00 – the earliest my “early” goes unless forced – but what with Mark working nights now, I’m not seeing the day until closer to 9/10:00. Which is fine, but I actually prefer getting up earlier!

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