It’s the beginning of a new month. Which means people are finishing off their leases and dumping their junk on the street. Just for me!
IMG_0352Free box of crap, plus a trash can and a coffee table, on Harvard St. and Lanier NW.IMG_0358In addition to these treasures, today’s run was amazing because it was about 50 degrees outside. I’m going to declare this as the official perfect temperature for running.

Actually, the New York Times has an interesting article on race day temps and marathon performance. It appears as if elite runners perform their best in temperatures 41-50 degrees; for every five-degree increase from this range, elite runners’ times slow by about 0.4%. For non-elite runners, a temperature increase of five degrees (say, from 50 to 55 degrees) could slow them down by 10%. Let’s hope that my race day is nice and cool!

IMG_0353Another thing that many runners hope for in a race is overcase skies. I personally prefer the sun!IMG_0356I listened to John Mayer the entire time and just loved this run today, which was a nice change after feeling a little “meh” last week.IMG_0357Speaking of last week, flash back to Saturday night:_DSC0693Anthony and I felt like trying out a new recipe and found this. We have no experience in Indonesian cuisine but I think grilled Indonesian chicken skewers will become a staple for us!_DSC0687We used chicken breasts instead of thighs, and threw in some red pepper flakes and sesame seeds for a bit more fun. Anthony was in charge of the skewers while I dominated the vegetables. I wouldn’t typically trust Guy Ferari when it comes to healthy dishes, but this bok choy recipe got rave reviews and tasted awesome. Thanks Guy.

Daniela and her friend Izzy were kind enough to come over and try out our Indonesian experimental meal. And I was kind enough to play with Anthony’s camera to take a really out-of-focus photo of them.
_DSC0689After cooking up such a storm, Anthony and I were pretty exhausted by Sunday but did make time for an easy 3-mile jog after all of our Easter excursions. Yes, my shirt says “I love to sweat” and was a present from Anthony. How romantic!
2013-03-31And because it’s Monday, here’s a picture of angel food AND chocolate cake to brighten up your morning!
_DSC0700Happy April!

  • What’s your favorite temperature to run in?
  • Favorite type of cake?!
  • What type of cuisine have you always wanted to try and cook?

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  1. I’ve met the “Very Young Marathoner”, Winter, in that article. My fiance is the Race Director for the IronKids triathlon series and she’s been the ambassador to the series for a few years. She’s also at a training camp for the 2018 olympics for aerial skiing. Such an inspiring girl!

  2. Chelsea

    That veggie skillet looks TO. DIE. FOR! I wish I could experiment more with Indian cooking, but Mark is allergic so sadly I have to save that for girls nights!

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