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Oh hey! It’s the weekend! I hope yours is going well and you are doing something more exciting than reading my blog on a Saturday night.

My weekend actually kicked off on a low note. I met up with Melanie for a final coffee date. She’s moving to Bosnia! Which is awesome for her, but we’ll miss her here in the District. On a brighter note, I have captured a good friend, myself, and a Starbucks cinnamon roll all in one shot. Score.

Safe travels Mel!P1010067Anthony and I kept our Friday Good by not eating meat. He made fish and chips (well, sweet potato fries) which were amazing.P1010068Broccoli is our go-to vegetable side. It ticks off all my requirements: easy, cheap, and healthy.P1010069You know what else is really cheap, really healthy, but not necessarily easy? Running.

I stood up on my tired legs this morning (thank you, deadlifts and half marathon) and set out for 17 miles. I actually started “late” at 8:30 a.m., which was weird because I didn’t run in the dark at all!IMG_0342First three solo, next eleven miles with the Nike Women’s group. Penelope is my pace buddy and we had some good chats to keep our mind off the miles.IMG_0344It actually got quite warm! Not sure whether it was due to the actual climate or the massive amount of tourists and protesters on the National Mall today for the Kite Festival. After we passed the Capitol our run sort of turned into a swim through a sea of Spring Breakers and tour groups.IMG_0346And the last three I did alone. On my last mile I saw this truly inspirational cabinet on Connecticut Street that gave me the strength to finish strong.IMG_0347You know, that’s actually a pretty nice cabinet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll check to see if it’s still there?

  • What’s your go-to side dish?
  • What was your run today?
  • Have you ever traveled to the Balkans?


  1. Chelsea

    Sweet potatoes are our go-to side, mostly because they’re cheap, easy, and you can cook them in 1,000,000 ways! I would totally go back to that cabinet – it’s cute and looks like it’s in really good condition. 🙂 You always run by the coolest things, and I’m not even talking about the DC monuments!

  2. Hmm I`ve never head sweet potato anything but I`m dying to try it! I have come close and kind of been to the Balkan region, not for long though. Your pictures make me miss DC, and the fact that you guys have sunshine and I am suffering in the rain and snow even… oh well.
    Have a happy Easter! 🙂

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