burnout & beers

Thursday, already?IMG_0302The sun seems to say yes. I’m really into sunrises this week. (Can you spot the Washington monument peeking out?)IMG_0322I’ll be honest. I was sort of looking forward to this run, but about two miles in I realized it just wasn’t my day.

At about that same time I ran into a man on the street who gave me some flowers. I think he might have been intoxicated but it was still a lovely surprise!IMG_0305I finished, slowly but surely, and tallied up some more miles for my marathon training.IMG_0324About every training cycle I get kind of burned out at this point in the game. This article, this article, and this article all speak about runners’ burnout and basically recommend the same “cures”: change up your running routine and routes and/or take a break from running. Unfortunately since this week and next week are my peak training weeks for the race, the latter isn’t really an option! Though this article does recommend getting a new pair of shoes as a way to stay motivated, which I totally support. Ha.

But. I just have to stay positive and I can make it!

Another reason why I might have been a bit groggy this morning:IMG_0296Anthony found out that District of Pi was having a special event last night for Schlafly beer. One of my favorite beers, at one of my favorite restaurants?! Sign me up.IMG_0294It was awesome. The bartenders had 10+ Schlafly beers on tap. We had a lager and an amber ale, both of which were delicious.IMG_0297We have been really good about not going out to eat for Lent. We tried to order a pizza as an “appetizer,” not a full meal, but…

Yep. That happened.IMG_0299I get tired of running but I never get tired of pizza.

Have a good day!

  • What do you do to prevent runner’s burn out?
  • Pizza: thin or thick crust?!
  • Did you give up anything for Lent?

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  1. Those sunrise photos are great! Are you jus taking them with your phone?

    I had a tough run this morning, too – I was gung ho mentally, but after a few miles my legs were feeling like bricks. Just trying to chalk it up to a bad day and know that I’ll have good runs again in the future.

    Hang in there! 🙂

    • Lately, I have actually been using my iPhone, which is great because it doubles as an iPod! I also sometimes run with a sony cybershot TX30 which is a super durable, waterproof, drop-able camera. thanks for the encouragement — keep running yourself, too!

  2. Chelsea

    Its always nice to run into friendly drunk people, especially ones with flowers! As far as pizza goes, its the thickerthicker the crust the better, which is why pizza is such a treat food 🙂

  3. Brynne

    I’m finishing up week 14 of 18, training for my first marathon. The thing I’m feeling the most the past couple weeks sleepy!!! And on my long runs I’m feeling a little more sluggish because of all the mileage. But I will make it!

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