blogiversay blowout

It’s a big day. Not just because Anthony and I did a massive track workout…IMG_0284Nor because the gate to the track was actually open (meaning we didn’t have to hop the fence!)IMG_0286Nor because we saw a mattress:IMG_0288… and then saw another mattress…IMG_0287

but because MINUTES PER MILE IS ONE YEAR OLD! No better way to celebrate, in my opinion, than with a year’s worth of street furniture. Let the blowout begin.

IMG_1501IMG_1467IMG_1251IMG_1134IMG_1075DSC00244DSC00190DSC00104IMG_1529DSC00807DSC00678DSC00635DSC00294DSC01153DSC01139DSC01124DSC01116DSC01000DSC00975DSC00971DSC00959DSC00939DSC00909DSC00875DSC014102012-09-23DSC01387DSC01338DSC01239DSC01240DSC01219DSC01220DSC01180IMG_0130DSC02631DSC01244DSC01242DSC01721DSC01572DSC01460DSC019882012-11-06DSC02496DSC02488DSC02185P1000524P1000308DSC02519DSC02498IMG_0115DSC02666P1000766-001IMG_0040-001IMG_0038-001IMG_0242IMG_0203IMG_0198IMG_0159DSC02694Thanks for reading. Here’s to another year of fabulous street finds!

  • What’s your favorite item pictured above?
  • What’s the most random thing you’ve ever spotted on the street?
  • What was your workout today?

Of interest:



  1. Maura

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading ever since I read your guest post on CNC and love following a blogger who runs in all the same neighborhoods that I do!

  2. Chelsea

    Happy blogiversary! Honestly – I think you got way closer to some of those choice items than I would have, even just to take a picture. My favorites are definitely the wrapped Chinese food (what polite litter!) and the free door (front? back? the possibilities are endless, lol). Here’s to another year of reading my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE new blog (I love seeing all the pictures of DC on your runs – for a Kansas girl, its a pretty cool thing to live vicariously)

      • Chelsea

        Aww, thanks Mary! We don’t have any historical monumnets to look at, but sometimes the prairie grass has its own kind of beauty…even next to a SuperTarget 😉 lol

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